Grade 11 News

It is a busy time of year as we continue to work hard and prepare for the end of our grade 11 year. In Chemistry, we are balancing equations and preparing experiments to demonstrate for the K/1’s. In Biology, we are examining the diversity of life. In Visual Arts, we con- tinue to decorate school doors, as well as interpret and create our own representation on types of art. In Media Studies, so we are watching the documentary “Thank You for Smoking” and studying subliminal messages. In PAA, we are researching and presenting world cuisines. In IA, we are building sheds. In

Work Placement, we are making scale replications of types of furniture. In Pre-Calculus, we are examining radical equations.

Grade 10 News

Only a month and a half left! Where has this year gone? The grade 10’s are fighting conflicting feelings right now, wanting to be outside in the sunshine, but forced to stay in to keep up with their mounds of home- work. Mr. H. has been piling on tons of work with radicals and fractional exponents. Envisioning the cube root of negative twenty seven on the bull’s eye of the target has been helping them hone their accuracy with ar- chery in Wellness, though. Track is also in full swing, with eliminations happening this week. In Wildlife Management, they’ve been looking at endangered species and wildlife activists. The yummy meals keep on coming from the kitchens of the commercial cookers (I had the pulled pork last week, it was awe- some). The IA students are still

busy drafting up a storm in CAD. In Social, they’ve been studying economics, and finally, in ELA, they’ve been studying perspectives of WWII. Have a great spring!

Grade 9 News

Our camping trip is quickly approaching. The trip dates have been moved up a day. Due to the Provincial Track meet starting on June 7th, and the number of grade 9 students who are potential provincial athletes, we had to make that adjustment. We’ve been busy preparing ourselves for all of the anticipated adventures that await us. As we finished up our discussions about the book, Into The Wild, and read a short story by Jack London called To Build a Fire, we decided to venture out into the field and build our own fires from scratch. Some groups were successful, some were not. My hope is that those who were unsuccessful will sharpen their survival skills before heading north. Again, any parent help would be appreciated. We have just started reading an amazing true story called The Sunflower. The preamble says, “ You are a prisoner in a concentration camp. A dying Nazi soldier asks for your for- giveness. What would you do?” As we read this together, we will be able to explore some huge questions regard- ing war, evil and the possibilities and

limits of forgiveness.

In Social studies, we learned about multi-national corporations, as well as where and how the goods we buy are manufactured. Incredible. We also continue to follow what happening daily with CNN Student News.

Genetics, symmetry and track and field usually round off our learning day. 

On May 28th, we will be visited by the health nurse who will spend the morning teaching us about Health and Sexuality. A more detailed par- ent letter will be sent home.

Grade 8 News

In Grade 8 I.A., the boys have chosen and are fine tuning their woods projects. In Grade 8 Home Ec. the girls are starting to sew their pajama pants. Math is still working on a large unit on ratios, rates, and percentages. In Science, the class is looking at the properties of fluids, in- cluding buoyancy, density and viscosity. In Social Studies the

students have been researching and creating their own countries and governments. In ELA they are finishing a novel study on “The Giver” and about to start a Creative Writing Unit. In Health class some students continue to do homework on Decision Making. We have begun to study about school skills that transfer to the work-force world. In Physical Education we have started Track and Field. We are playing some modified Slow-Pitch games now that the outdoors has finally warmed up. The last set of fitness tests begin in early June.

Grade 7 News

In ELA, the girls have just about wrapped up their Humour Unit. They will be putting all the work they have done over the unit together to create a Humour Booklet. In Math, they finished up the unit on Circles and Area and are now looking into Expressions and Equations. In ELA, the boys will be starting a novel study on Dust by Arthur Slade. In Social Studies, both groups are continuing to study and learn about the Canadian government. In Science, they are continuing to explore how heat transfers between different materials. In Home Ec. the girls finished sewing their stuffies and are now working on sewing pot holders. In I.A., the boys are continuing to work on their clocks. They are turning out great so far! In PE, the class is into their track unit and have been enjoying the nice weather outside as they refine their track and field skills. Everyone is keeping busy as the end of the year is rapidly approaching! We will be looking for parent volunteers to come along on our field trip to Blue Mountain this year which is planned for June 18th. Please contact me if you will be available to join us on that day. We will need at least three parents to come along to help chaperone.

-Miss Adelman

Grade 6 News

Spring has finally sprung. We have been doing a little badminton in phys. ed. and will be learning track and field events in the upcoming weeks. We are finishing a novel called The Slave Dancer in ELA and are reading The Tunnels of Time. We are going to be finished our unit on fractions, percent, rate and ratio soon and beginning a new unit. The students have been doing several experiments in Science and are learning about electricity. In Social Studies we are learning about who is in positions of power and authority around us and in distant countries. We are preparing for our field trip to Moose Jaw. We are also getting things underway for the Triallathon in June.

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather.

Ms. Bishop Moisan and the Grade 6 class.

Grade 4 & 5 News

The Grade 4/5 class has just written their first test on the Canadian Government. Next up is learning about the House of Commons and Provincial Parliament, as well as First Nations government. They are also creating marvellous art works inspired by Saskatchewan artist, Kevin Pee-ace and wow, are they great! Things are getting creepy in our Coraline novel study, and very emotional in our poetry exploration reading Love That Dog. The students are also showing amazing creativity by building their home-made musical instruments for our Sound unit finale in Science. They sure are showing some great ingenuity!

Grade 2 & 3 News

Thank you to all of the parents who assisted with the habitat projects! Our grade seven care partners also assisted us as we published our habitat reports. What a wonderful job all of the students did presenting their reports and projects! We are now starting a new science unit on Motion. In social studies, we are also learning about Canada. The grade two’s are just finishing

up a math unit on geometry, and we will begin our last unit on data management next week. The grade three students are currently working on multiplication with Mr. Woods-Fehr. We have finally finished our poetry anthologies and they are awesome! The students were so creative in writing their poems and putting together their anthologies. We are starting a

novel study called Sarah, Plain and Tall, which should take us until the end of the school year. Please continue with home reading and practicing spelling words a little longer; we will wrap both programs up near the beginning of June. We will have one or two field trips coming up in June, so please start thinking about whether you would like to chaperone. More information will follow soon with specific dates. 

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

The snowhill is gone! The snowhill is gone!

We are continuing to have a very busy K/1 classroom. We have been trying to go outside as much as possible to take in the sunshine and to learn about our surroundings.

We spent a class cleaning up our schoolyard with the Grade 6s. We had a great time making our school look beautiful. There was a LOT of garbage that had collected over the winter.

We have been learning about weather/climate in Science. Did you know that the big, poofy clouds are called Cumulus clouds? We even got to make our own clouds out of shaving cream and glue. But don’t worry, we know that’s not how real clouds feel!

The Ks are currently learning about measurement in Math. We are paying particular attention to using proper words to describe things: bigger, shorter, taller, wider, heavier, lighter, etc.

The 1s have been working on a Geometry unit. We have been learning how to describe shapes and what makes them similar or different. We have been playing Shapes Bingo and even went on a shape scavenger hunt!

Together, the K/1s have been learning about First Nations, Metis, and Inuit cultures. We’ve learned how important the shape of a ‘circle’ is to First Nations people. Ask us about it to find out!

We are going to the Children’s Festival on June 4 with Grade K-5. We are going to see an acrobatic show, as well as meet the author of the “Pete the Cat” series! We are very excited.

We hope that you all continue to have a wonderful Spring!

SRC News

The SRC has been gearing up for Spring, despite the weather. Maybe our sunny themes will encourage mother nature to follow suit? Hanley school just finished spirit week, which lead up to the Spring Fling dance on the 26th. We bought some new lights to add some flair to the affair. We have some fun stuff planned for warmer days, so keep your fingers crossed! Until then, keep warm and stay frosty!