On September 23 & 24 Taylor Kistner travelled with the coach, Scott Cory to Bengough Saskatchewan for the Provincial Sand Golf Championships. This was Taylor’s first chance to participate in Provincials and finished 23rd. Thanks to all the Senior Golfers and we look forward to Junior Team Golf in the spring.

Education Week: Learning for Life; Success for All

Throughout the week, we will have ongoing STOP, DROP and READ. Every student and staff member must, at all times, and in all places carry a book. When the signal sounds, everyone in the school stops what they are doing, drops everything and reads for 15 mins…be you in the hallway, the office, the can, stop, drop and read. The reading police will come around to punish the violators. We will have two of these “signals” on Monday…and then randomly throughout the week.

Tuesday will be “career day” where students dress up as a career, or as something they want to be when they grow up…staff can dress up as well. For more information please refer to letter sent home on Friday, October 15.

On Wednesday SRC hosting Staff Appreciation Day activities…many of which are still to be determined, but the SRC will be providing lunch for the staff on Wednesday.

We will have Paired Reading on Thursday. In period 3 older students will read to and with younger students. Period 5 will be a Celebration of Saber Athletics, highlighting the sports and athletes of our school. It will also be a Saber Pride Day.

We still have some room for ideas for Friday but at lunch will be the STAFF vs. Intra-mural All-Stars volleyball game at lunch.

Rider Pride Day!


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On October 3, 2011 Kye Stewart and Jerrell Freeman from the Saskatchewan Roughriders came to speak to Hanley School students and sign autographs.

Work Experience Drivers

Hanley Composite School is looking for any community members interested in driving student carpools to Saskatoon for the Work Experience Education Program in which the Grade 12’s participate. This entails driving a carpool of students to and from their work placements in Saskatoon, which will take place every Thursday starting in February. Drivers will be reimbursed 30 cents per km. In accordance with the Prairie Spirit School Division policy, any individual transporting students in a vehicle must first provide a criminal record check to the school. If you are interested, or require more information, please contact the school.

Awards Night

Hanley School’s annual Awards Night is Tuesday, October 4th, at 7:00. Come out and celebrate the achievements of our students.

Fashion Show

Everyone is invited to a Fashion Show on Wednesday, October 19th at 7:00 put on by some students in the PAA30 class. Tickets and $7  and can be purchased at the school office. All money raised will go to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Dessert is included in the ticket price. Come on out and support a great cause.

September 2011 Grade 12 News

Senior year has started off with a bang. We have already been put into a seating plan (a first for Grade 12’s in Ms. Prakash’s class) while reviewing Chem 20 and the concepts we need to know for Chem 30. In ELA and History, we are learning how to dialectically evaluate Canada’s geography, and we just finished writing heart touching poetry. Math C30 has been radical while learning about radians. In I.A., we just ordered supplies for our woodworking projects and in Home Ec, we are event planning. In Life Transitions, we are learning what to expect when we move out, which will be sooner than we think!

– Courtney

September 2011 Grade 11 News

So great to back to school!!! Classes are in full swing. In PreCalculus, we are working on geometric and arithmetic series. The test is on Thursday. In Math Workplace, we are calculating slope. In Physics, we are learning wonders and workings around us, as well as understanding such math compo- nents as, scientific notation, significant figures and metric conversion. Test is on Thursday. In Biology, we just finished art projects of defining biology without words. In ELA, we are working on recollections and short stories. In Phys. Ed., we had fitness tests and playing volleyball.

September 2011 Grade 10 News

Well, school is back in and the Grade Tens are already hip deep in learning! Classes are in full swing, and students are actually finding some time to study in between football, volleyball, cross-country, soccer and golf. So far, the students have been working on proportional reasoning and pricing (including exchanging currencies and wondering why products in the US are so much cheaper, even though our dollar is worth more) in Math. In ELA, Megiddo’s Shadow has been the focus, a book about Edward, a young man who has lost his brother and mother and then finds himself fighting the Huns in World War I. Science has been all about the environment and sustainability. They’ve faced the question: What would the world look like if every human were to disappear? Home Ec has had a different bent, looking at canning and preserves. In IA, kids have been planning for their projects and waiting for their wood to arrive, while Mr. T and Mr. C shows them all the tricks of the cabinet maker’s trade. Political Philosophies have been the focus in Social. In Wellness, students have been examining health related fitness topics, and then getting active playing Matt Ball. And finally, Driver’s Ed has our parents and teachers kind of freaked out, but they’re not letting us drive until we know where the brakes and steering wheel are – as well as the signal lights, windshield washer lever, seat belts, air bags, hazard lights, On Star support… It’s been a great start to the year! Special thanks to the grade 10 girls for their communal contributions.

September 2011 Grade 9 News

Energizing. Cheery. Intriguing. Intense. Hilarious. Enlightening.

This is just a sampling of the words yelled forth by this year’s Grade Nine squad when asked to describe the year thus far. We’ve started reading Romeo and Juliet, by Sir William Shakespeare. What a story! In Social Studies we’ve just finished making personal timelines. They’ll be on display in our class-room for awhile, so swing on in and have a look. (bring chips) Speaking of items on display, we’ve been working on painting the ceiling tiles. It’s a bit like the Sistine Chapel except with a little more Disney and Sports Logos.

Do you have any questions about finding the surface area of a Composite Shape? You can ask us now, because that’s what Mr. Herman is teaching us in Math. Can you imagine having Mr. Tyndall as a science teacher? Good Heavens. It’s a blast. Literally. He sure likes blowing things up. Our leader, Mr. Tucker is teaching us about leadership in Health class. Volleyball , welding and Kitchen Wizardry round out our daily schedules