The Need for Read-A-Louds

Hello families!

I cannot believe we are already nearing the end of May. Parents– thank you for all that you do. You are wearing so many hats to support your families in these challenging times, and your efforts are so appreciated. Logging into our reading forums of Headsprouts, RAZ Kids, and Epic books is something I find myself doing multiple times a day. I am blown away by the commitment and growth of our early readers. Their love of reading is something that has inspired me to increase my own fiction and nonfiction reading during these times, and is something I highly recommend for everyone to make time for.

Reading is beneficial for so many reasons, and it can be quite challenging when our children are still working on decoding skills, phonemic awareness, and pairing new blends to fit the context of a sentence or word. I came across an article that I wanted to pass along, as it supports the need for consistency of reading, especially to our little ones. The article highlights the need for us to read to our children, no matter how old or at what level. In doing so, it not only develops vocabulary and a love of literature, it develops a sense of belonging and security…which we all need so badly. You can find it here:


Sending you all healthy wishes and virtual hugs!

Mrs. Nontell


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