Early Literacy

Comprehend and Respond to various different texts 

  • Connect oral language with picture and print
  • Identify rhyming words in oral language
  • Draw or tell about ideas and experiences

Manage Ideas and Information

  • Ask Questions to satisfy curiosity and make sense of information
  • Share new learnings with others
  • Communicate Clearly
  • Form some kind of recognizable letters
  • Connect sounds with sounds in words
  • Follow on-or-two step instructions

Respect and support Others

  • Participate in class or group activities
  • Find ways to be helpful to others

Physical Skills and Well-Being

  • Assume responsibility to lead an active lifestyle
  • Activity
    • Dance
    • Games
    • Individual activities 
    • Activities in alternate environment 
  • Develop attitude and behaviors that promote healthy lifestyles, wellness, and safely for self and others.

​Personal and Social Responsibility 

  • Show positive attitudes and behaviors towards learning
  • Contribute to group activities
  • Accept and practice responsibilities 
  • Develop positive relationships with others
  • Express feelings in socially acceptable ways
  • Demonstrate and practice independence 

Environment and Community Awareness 

  • Become aware of materials in the environment and how they are used
  • Show curiosity and willingness to learn about the environment and community
  • Explore familiar place and things in the environment and community

Early Numeracy

  • Space and Shape
    • Use direct and indirect measurement to compare two different objects 
    • Sort and build 3D objects
  • Number
    • Describe, orally, and compare quantities from 1-10
  • Patterns and Relations
    • Identify retreating patterns
    • Sort objects based on a single attribute

Citizenship and Identity 

  • I am Unique
    • Value unique characteristics, interests, gifts and talents of self and others
    • Examine what makes them unique
    • Explore how we demonstrate respect for ourselves and others
  • Skills and Process
    • Critical and creative thinking
    • Historical and geographical thinking 
    • Decision making and problem solving
    • Cooperation, conflict, and resolution
  • I Belong
    • Value how personal stories express what it means to belong
    • Value and respect significant people in their lives
    • Examine what brings people together in groups
    • Examine how people create climate