Announcements – Friday, March 11

  • Today is Day 6
  • Grade 5/6 Basketball Club starts this week! Girls will be Wednesdays at lunch and boys will be on Fridays at lunch. Don’t forget to pack a lunch on practice days. We will begin as soon as the bell rings, so come down as soon as you are dismissed.
  • Healthy Hunger Lunch today– Boston Pizza for those who ordered. Our next lunch is Pizza Hut on March 23rd.
  • Fun Facts for today: Mason (67M) tells us that your stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve metal! Cayden in 5C says that it used to be illegal to stand within 90 metres of the Queen without socks on. Sarah (4B) found out that otters hold hands while they sleep so they do not float away from each other, and Aubrey (1C) tells us that she likes to go to the park with her family.
  • Today’s Birthdays: Rachael (1C), Seth (8L)
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