Internet/Network Policy

  • Internet use must be consistent with the goals and purposes of the school/education.
  • Students may only use the internet when under the supervision of a staff member.
  • Students will not use their own names, addresses or telephone numbers on the internet.
  • School behavioural expectations apply to internet use. Obscene, threatening, sexually orientated or racially offensive material will not be tolerated. Students intentionally accessing inappropriate web pages will lose their internet privileges.
  • Students should promptly disclose to their teacher any message received or site visited that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Students may not attempt to read, copy or change files or passwords belonging to other people, locally or on the Internet.
  • All students/guardians must complete an Acceptable Use Agreement annually before getting computer/ network/ internet privileges.
  • The use of school technology is a privilege. Failure to use school technology appropriately will result in loss of privileges.