Noon Hour Procedures

School staff provide lunch supervision daily.  Students are expected to eat at their desk in a tidy manner, and clean up any spills, crumbs, packaging, and containers before going for recess, house games, practices, etc. Students are to remain in their classes/desks until they are dismissed at the bell. Through the fall and spring, all students are expected to go outside for noon recess except in cases where they may be involved in practices, house games, or other scheduled activities. From Remembrance Day to mid-March, students in grades 7 to 9 have the privilege of remaining in indoors during the noon recess to quietly read, do homework, visit with classmates or take part in intramurals or games. This is a privilege for Grade 7 to 9 students and with it comes the responsibility to act appropriately. Town students are strongly encouraged to go home for lunch. Research and experience have shown that a mid-day break from school helps students be more successful at school. All students remaining at school for lunch are expected to behave in an orderly, sensible manner.