Thursday, April 4, 2019

  • Today is day 6!
  • Drama practice today:
    • Noon – 12:15 in the library: Baker Margaret, Brighton, Kitchen Staff, and Snow.
    • Everyone except: Dwarves, Narrator and Mirror.
  • Division 2 Intramurals: Barons vs. Crusaders!
  • Dessert Theatre Choir – practice tomorrow at 12:30.
  • Badminton games hosted here after school today. Osler vs. WW Brown for grade 9 only.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

  • Today is day 5.
  • Thank you to all who shared in our kick off to Spring BBQ yesterday. Although spring was hiding for a little while, it was still good to have a taste of it. Thanks to Mr. McCallen, Mr. Chorneyko, and Mr. Janzen for flipping burgers!
  • There will not be grade 7-9 intramurals today.
  • Drama Practice:
    • 12:15 in the gym for all cast who Mrs. Lane talked to. Bring your lunch.
    • After school: Snow, Prince, Queen, Mirror, Renbock, Brighton.
  • Badminton game tomorrow. We are hosting Langham.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

  • Today is Autism Awareness Day!
  • Badminton practice today after school. There is a game on Thursday vs. WW Brown.
  • Please return Jump Rope envelopes to Mrs. Saunders today.
  • Hot Lunch BBQ today!
  • Drama practice today at noon and after badminton for the Mirror, Queen, Prince, Brighton, and Snow.