• Elementary Track and Field, Drama and Grad

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    It will be a busy week at Perdue School. On Wednesday, June 6th, the students from K to 6 will be travelling to Borden for the annual track and field meet. Also on Wednesday, the Law 30 class will be heading into Saskatoon to observe court proceedings. On Thursday, June 7th at 7pm in the […]

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  • Town Clean-up and Ranger Lake

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    The students and staff of Perdue School will be taking part in the village clean-up on Thursday, May 24th. We will be starting at 10:30am.  We will attend a BBQ lunch beginning at 11:30am provided by the Credit Union. The grade 3/4 students will be going to Ranger Lake on the 24th for an overnight […]

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  • Track, Hamburgers and Long Weekend

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    Track and field athletes from Perdue School will be heading to Griffiths Stadium on Wednesday, May 16th to compete against other schools within our division. There is a hamburger hot meal on Thursday, May 17th. There will also be a BBQ with hamburgers and hot dogs at the Co-op on Friday, May 18th between 11am […]

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  • Track and Field

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    Grade 6 to 12 students have started track season with practices after school every day this week except Friday. They will practice Tuesday to Friday next week in preparation for the track meet at Griffith’s in Saskatoon on Wednesday, May 16th. Students are required to attend at least 5 practices in order to attend the […]

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  • Report Cards, Long Weekend and More Badminton

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    Report cards go out for the grade 7-12 students on Wednesday, April 25th. The senior badminton team travels to Langham on Wednesday as well to play in the first round of playoffs. The district finals are on Saturday, April 28th in Warman. There is no school on Friday, April 27th as it was taken as […]

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  • Plastic Bag Challenge

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    The students of Perdue School from grades K to 8 will be having a competition next week (April 16th to 20th) to see which classroom can bring the most plastic carry-out bags (grocery, department store, etc.) to school. The class with the most bags will win a pizza party. The Grade 8’s will be recording […]

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  • Junior Badminton

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    The junior badminton team will have a busy two weeks. They are off to Vanscoy (Wednesday) and Biggar (Saturday) for exhibition games this week. Next week the playoffs begin on Tuesday, April 17th in Martensville at the MAP. Second round play is on Thursday, April 19th in Delisle and the conference finals are at Martensville […]

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  • Silver Medal and Easter Break

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    Congratulations to the four high school girls who were playing basketball with Asquith this year. They made it all the way to the gold medal game at Hoopla (Provincial basketball championships) in Prince Albert. Junior badminton will travel to Asquith on Tuesday, March 27th after school for some friendly competition. The students will start the […]

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  • Student Led Conferences

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    Perdue School will be having parent teacher conferences on Wednesday, March 21st and Thursday, March 22nd. They will run from 4pm to 7pm on both nights and there will be a spaghetti meal available for purchase. In addition, there will be an art show in the gym that will showcase various works from K-9 students.

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  • Report Cards and Perogies

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    The grade K-6 students will be receiving their report cards on Wednesday, March 14th. The perogies hot meal is on Friday, March 16th. Parent-teacher conferences will be on Wednesday, March 21st and Thursday, March 22nd.

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