Cold & Inclement Weather

We believe that students benefit from and enjoy active time outdoors, but also hold student safety as a top priority.

We use -30 degrees Celsius as a guideline to determine whether we will send students outside or not at recess. This is not specifically tied to air and/or wind chill combined temperature readings as there are a number of factors that the school administration uses to make the day-to-day decision about indoor (RED)/outdoor recess. These factors include air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, the amount of sunlight, humidity, etc. School administration uses the latest Environment Canada (Saskatoon) information and checking local weather conditions to aid in these decisions.

Refer to for detailed information from Environment Canada on cold weather.

The administration’s decision making process is:

At combined (air & wind) temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius or warmer:

  • It will normally be an outside recess day.

At combined (air & wind) temperatures of -31 to -35 degrees Celsius:

  • Administration evaluates the precise conditions to determine whether to :
  • Keep students in at recess break;
  • Send students out for a shortened period of time;
  • Send students out for a regular break.
  • NOTE: In these situations, students are being monitored by the supervisors outside with them. Individual or all students will be sent in based on the information and feedback the supervisors are receiving.
  • Students that teachers/supervisors feel are not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to go outside. Homeroom teachers will communicate with student and parents in situations where the child is coming to school ill-prepared to be safe outside.

At combined (air & wind) temperatures of – 36 or colder:

  • It will be an indoor (RED) recess.

Inclement weather conditions such as blizzards, rain, lightning, high winds may result in the administration making the decision to keep students in at recess. Student safety is our priority.