Healthy Hunger

Valley Manor SCC has partnered up with Healthy Hunger and local restaurants to offer families an easy way to participate and place lunch orders on selected dates for their children while also supporting our school. A portion of the sales is donated back to the school to help with SCC sponsored events and fundraising efforts.

Please take note that K2 and Grades 1-4 have different dates than K1/K3 and Grades 5-8. We respectfully request that you do not place duplicate orders for siblings in younger/older grades. Be sure to have your order placed one week prior to the date of the lunch as the restaurant needs a full week’s notice to organize and prepare.

For more information and how to order for K2 and Grades 1-4 please view this link: K2, Grade 1-4 Healthy Hunger 

For more information and how to order for K1/K3 and Grades 5-8 please view this link: K1/K3, Grade 5-8 Healthy Hunger