Read: Begin a gratitude journal. Each day begin by writing down 1 or 2
things you are grateful for.

Count: At Books Unlimited, 3 paperback books cost $18. What would 7
books cost? How many books could be purchased with $54?

Move: Take on the Sock Challenge. All you need is a pair of socks (in a
ball). Use your palm like to bounce the socks. See how many times
you can keep this going in the air! Make a target # and try and beat


Read: I’m thinking of an eight-letter word. Find 3 eight letter words that
you’ve never heard of and define them. Challenge yourself to use
each of these words in a sentence this week!

Count: Using toothpicks and playdough/marshmallows or modelling clay,
make a prism that has perpendicular faces and a prism that does
not have perpendicular faces. Use a tool to show that your figures
work. Is one of your prisms a right prism?

Move: Attempt to complete all tasks with your non-dominant hand today,
from writing to brushing your teeth. Work on your growth mindset
and your ability to be ambidextrous.


Read: Engage in a: Role. Audience. Format. Topic activity!
First you need to decide on the role [R} you will take as a writer.
Who or what is the author? You could write being you, but you
could also choose to write from the perspective of the mayor, an
artist, a journalist, or a thing like a tree, or a pencil.
Example: A kindergarten student. Next, decide who you are writing
for. Who will be the audience [A}?
Example: Grade 8 students

Count: What is the largest possible area (in cm²) for a rectangle with a
perimeter of 120 cm?

Move: Create a mini aerobic circuit and completing repetitions of 2 sets
of 8.
For example: 2 x 8 Jumping Jacks, 2 x 8 Lunges, 2 x 8 High
Marches, 2 x 8 Invisible Jump Rope


Read: Continue with R.A.F.T. Time to think of a format [F]. Is this going
to be a story about a topic? Maybe a video? How about a voice
recording of an interview?
Example: A voice recording. Now you get to get to put all your
planning together and begin to write about a topic[T] of your
Example: What a kindergarten student thinks Grade 7 and 8
students do all day at school.

Count: If the mean, median, and mode are all equal for the following set,
what is the value of x?

Move: Set up an indoor (or outdoor yard) obstacle course with 10
different obstacles (using safe household objects) – You are a
human Rube Goldberg machine! Complete the course that you
made and time yourself. Try it again – did you improve your time?


Read: What is the best book you have ever read? Give a review that will
make others want to read it.

Count: Four Fours Game. Use exactly four 4’s to form every number from
0 to 50, using only the operators +, -, x, /, () (brackets), . (decimal
point), x2 (square), square root.
Example: 0 = 44-44, 1 = 44 /44, 2 = 4/4 + 4/4

Move: STEP IT UP – complete 1,000 step ups today. They can be on stairs,
benches, chairs – inside or outside. Outside “stairs” are worth 2
steps each. Be creative!