2023-2024 Student Course Selection will OPEN on Monday, March 20th

Registration works best on an iPad, Chrome brook, or computer, it doesn’t work as well on your phone. For how to choose classes on a Chrome book or phone please click on this link. How to Choose Classes.

Course registration will close on April 5th.

Warman High School has prepared a booklet to assist students and parents in making informed choices regarding courses for next year’s program.  You will find brief descriptions of all compulsory and optional programs offered at each grade level and the 3 Year Plan that students use when they meet with the Academic Advisor.  Students may pick from different grade levels if they have the required prerequisite.  The booklet will help guide you on what classes have a prerequisite as you map out your classes from grades 9 – 12.

To view the booklet please click WHS Course Selection Booklet 2023-2024.

Grade 8 students going into Grade 9 will be registered in the following classes:
– English Language Arts 9
– Mathematics 9
– Science 9
– Social Studies 9
– Physical Education 9
– Health 9
– Practical & Applied Arts 9 (Home Ec, Woods, Computers, Sewing)
– Fine Arts 9 (Art, Music, Drama, Careers)

The only selection these students have is if they choose to take French in addition to the above classes.  In that case, the student’s schedule will be adjusted accordingly.  A form to make this selection will be posted in the next couple of days.

Grade 9 Course Selection Form – currently closed.


Below are some links for videos pertaining to some of the classes being offered:

Accounting – https://youtu.be/5bVfXRM8dEw 

Career & Work Experience – https://youtu.be/HUHS0F9YwQA 

Commercial Cooking – https://youtu.be/dW-0eeaDp-I 

Communications Media – https://youtu.be/QiugHO_AvRI 

Drafting – https://youtu.be/YaXbDZR-TWs 

Drama – https://youtu.be/RLWn3DXDzuI 

Exercise Science – https://youtu.be/F6QGqZZXDUU 

French Department – https://youtu.be/UaorS4tx9PI 

Music Department – https://youtu.be/rfMiBacFrXU 

PAA A10 (Home Ec) – https://youtu.be/KrPoTaLWj3g 

Photography – https://youtu.be/UkYwQaq1YeA 

Robotics – https://youtu.be/hgDzpgdNK-M 

Social Justice Literacy – https://youtu.be/jNjkhGopmb0 

Visual Arts – https://youtu.be/PAWYeft3WEM 

Welding – https://youtu.be/PF91dFnuOXM