WHS School Community Council

The SCC is a primary link between home, community and school.

The purpose of the SCC is to support student learning success and well-being; and to encourage parent and community involvement and engagement in the school.  Meetings are open to the public and held every month at the school. The dates and times for the SCC meetings are always included in the school/community newsletter as well as on the school web page. We appreciate feedback, so please feel free to e-mail the SCC by using the school’s email address, warmanhigh@spiritsd.ca

SCC Meeting Dates

– October 17, 2018
– November 14, 2018
– January 16, 2019
– February 27, 2019
– March 20, 2019
– May 8, 2019 (AGM & Elections)
– June 19, 2019

Meetings will commence at 6:30 pm and everybody is welcome to attend!  Please visit the Warman High Website and Calendar for more information on school happenings and the SCC.  Please become an involved parent in your child’s education.

SCC Members

Co-Presidents:  Jasmine Redekopp & Danielle Tooley
Secretary:  Susan Bayne
Administration:  Dean Broughton, Gary Philipchuk & Russell Dyck
School Member:  Mark Sproule
Parent Member:  Karen Gallinger, Debbie Remeshyo & Michelle Sawatsky

PSSD Representative:

-Sam Dyck