March 30, 2020

Hello students, parents and caregivers:

We at Warman High hope this message finds you and your family well during this uncertain time. This has been an unprecedented moment in history and many of us have been surrounded with uncertainty about what learning and schooling will look like for the next few weeks and months. We are hoping that this message will provide some initial direction, answer some questions, and alleviate some anxiety. You should have been receiving emails from the ministry as well as Prairie Spirit School Division. You can access these messages at the Prairie Spirit Home page:

The information we have received from the Ministry’s Response Planning team is as follows:

  • School has been postponed and we are unsure as to when schools will re-open.
  • A minimum mark of 50% is to be used for outcomes that have been evaluated as of March 13th. Any grade in Power School above 50% will be submitted at the end of the year unless students wish to improve that mark.
  • A minimum mark of 50% will not be applied where a student has not completed any outcomes. Students will have the opportunity to engage in supplemental learning opportunities to obtain a mark.
  • Students will have the opportunity to engage in supplemental learning, regardless of the mark they may have.

Students can choose which subjects they involve themselves in. We are hoping to have Power School open for parents and students on Tuesday at 3:00 and this may help students decide which option(s) best suit them.

All this information begs the question, “What is supplemental learning?” The Warman High staff will be meeting this week to try to answer this question. This is new territory for everyone involved and we want to make sure we are all patient as we figure out what this new world looks like. Options might include:

  • Some students may choose for this to be their final mark and will not be interested in participating.
  • Some students will want to participate because they are looking for something to do.
  • Some students will want to ensure that they have the skills required for the next course.
  • Some students may want to explore questions and curiosities relating to the class.

All of these options are perfectly acceptable. The important thing to remember is that supplemental learning may look different for different students depending on what is developed between teacher and student.

We would like to know by Friday, April 3rd if you and your child would like to engage in supplemental learning. You can connect with teacher(s) via email. Teacher emails can be found on our website at

Teachers will also be reaching out to connect with their students and families in the coming days to try to get things rolling for Monday, April 6th. Students may also decide to engage with the school after these dates as we want to keep connections open with as many students as circumstances allow.

There will be more details as the week progress and as students and teachers connect. We ask that any questions wait until after students and teachers connect. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this new reality. Staff are eager to connect with their students and get back to teaching and learning.

Please send general inquiries to

Yours in Education, 

A. Merryweather             G. Philipchuk                   R. Dyck
Principal                            Vice-Principal                   Vice-Principal