Grade 10

Ah, winter! You finally got here! The grade 10’s couldn’t tell if the icy blast was the weather outside or the knowledge of their first set of final exams coming up at the end of the month! Teachers have been busy hitting those last few topics that need to be covered before exams start on the 25th. In Math, they’ve just finished up Geometry. Commercial Cooking just put out a fantastic chilli-and-abun lunch, perfect for the cold weather. In IA, projects are furiously being clamped and glued in preparation for a final sand and stain. In Science, they’ve been studying motion. In ELA, they’re just finishing up their Jurassic Park project. They’ve caught the entrepreneurial bug in Social as they create their own fur-trading companies. In Wildlife Management they’ve been studying ecosystems and winter weather. And finally, as a break to all that studying, they’ve had a chance to play some basketball and badminton in Wellness. Have a great week!

Grade 11

Wow! Hard to believe semester 1 is almost over and we are writing final exams next week. It will be a challenging week of studying and completing final projects. Final exams include Physical Science 20, Foundations 20, and a mid term exam for ELA/ History 20. A final independent project needs to be completed for Health Science 20. Next semester, classes are as follows: a continuation of ELA/ History 20, a choice of Psychology 30 or Robotics 30, a choice of PreCalculus 20 or Workplace 20, a choice of Construction 20 or PAA 20 and Environmental Science 20. Good luck on exams!

Grade 12

Wow where has January gone? Now that 2016 is here, the grade 12’s are on their final push to finish this semester! And Contech is back working on the balcony! At this time the grade 12’s are busy preparing for their final exams. The social studies class is reflecting on the course in order to address two final exam questions. The grade 12 ELA class is working hard to prepare for their final exam on Canadian literature. They have been reviewing all of the texts studied during the year. The pre-calculus section finished their last unit on exponentials and logarithms, and now are studying up to write the final on Wednesday! Foundations 30 has a small class, and they are ready to write the comprehensive exam. In Bio 30 the kids are getting their a-b-c and d’s ready for the big final exam. Mrs. Prakash has them working overtime! The P.A.A. students are trying to stay on their teachers good sides and finish their woodworking or bunnyhugs on time. Good luck to all students on their exams, and may the curve be ever in your favour. See you next semester! Feel free to stop in and visit me any time if you have any concerns! Brandon Hutchinson and Jill Why were the teacher’s eyes crossed? He couldn’t control his pupils!

Grade 2

Season’s Greeting from grade two! It has been a busy, yet fun month around here. We had a wonderful time on our field trip! I was amazed at how many dare devils we had at the Forestry Farm, where they were able to feel a variety of animals, such as a snake, hedgehog, and a ferret just to name a few. The kids also enjoyed all of the activities at Flip Gymnastics, from relays to stations to free exploration. We have been busy wrapping up lots of units in math and science, as well as health. I think we are all excited to start some fresh new topics in the new year. We wrote friendly letters to Santa, and even had a chance to walk down to the post office to mail them! I also made a colour photocopy so that the kids could read each other’s letters and share them with you at home as well. We will continue our letter writing in January as we buddy up with Miss Janet Adelman’s grade two class from Martensille. The kids are pretty excited to write back and forth with their soon to be pen pals! They are really starting to enjoy our daily 5 activities, and it’s amazing how well they are working independently through this process. We have been working on making connections as we read, as well as answering the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why) as we write to include more details in our work. We have had lots of fun singing Christmas carols and making beautiful Christmas art. I hope that everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas holiday!

Grade 1&3

The 1/3 class is excited for their upcoming field trip to the WDM and Fuddruckers! We have been busy doing lots of writing. The 1s have created ‘Giving Books’ and the 3s have written Christmas poetry. In math, both grades are working on their measurement units. The 3s will not have a test for this unit. The 3s did very well on their oral presentations in social studies! The 1s have learned about needs and wants by deciding what they would bring with them on a deserted island. We have been reading books on space and recording the new information we learn to practice building our background knowledge on a topic. Ask your child what new facts they know about space! We have made some beautiful pieces of Christmas art, too! It was great to see all of the families at Family Fun Night! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Grade 4,5,6

Whoosh!! Where did that month go? I hope everyone has a very restful break and enjoys some fun times with friends and family. We have started our unit about matter and the students are becoming very engaged in our experiments. In Social Studies the students have been given opportunities to explore the topic of culture. The students are just finishing up some literature circle activities in language arts. After The break, the grade 5’s and 6’s will be beginning a new unit in math about decimals. Have a great break!!

Grade 7

December has arrived and the time is flying by! The new snow has been welcomed with laughter and fun! The Grade 7s have been busy studying integers and number theory in math, and have just begun a unit on humour in English. We continue to look at the implications of globalization in social studies, and in science, the students are mixing up a great deal of fun in their “Mixtures and Solutions” unit. I would like to take a moment to let you know how amazing the Grade 7s are in art. Their work is fantastic and has had many compliments. These kids are always willing to gothe extra mile and are a pleasure to work with! Thank you, to parents, for encouraging your children to think outside the box and to explore with their creativity. If you get a chance, come out and check out their work; their watercolours are posted in the classroom and hallway of our wing. I had hoped we could venture out for a day of sledding and skating before the Christmas break. However, we don’t have enough snow yet! I would like to plan a day early in the New Year to get outside! I would also like to have a  class potluck. I will keep you posted on these plans. Finally, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and exciting New Year! All the best to you and yours! As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress, please contact me at the school (306-544-2511) or via email. (

Grade 8

The Grade 8s have been working hard and are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas break! The students have been working towards mastering ratios and proportions in math. Meanwhile, in ELA, the class has been exploring a novel study of The Giver. The students have been participating wonderfully and seem to really enjoy the novel so far. Science has the class exploring “Optics and Vision”; it’s been quite the eye opener! In social class, students have been investigating events that have changed Canada. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Best Wishes to everyone!

Grade 9

The Grade 9 class has been hard at work, making a final push towards the Christmas holidays. They have continued to study Norse and First Nations myths in English class. In Social they are just rapping up their unit on Societies and Worldview. They have just finished learning about Linear Equations and Graphing in Math. In Science, they have continued to learn about Atoms and Compounds and in Art they have been working hard on their bands. They have been working their way through “The Real Game” which has been teaching them about life after school. The students have continued to enjoy Home Ec. and IA where they have been working on their welding, small engines, and sewing skills. Lastly, they have just began their basketball unit in Phys. Ed.

Grade 10

To the tune of “Christmas in Killarney” – and yes, it’s a bit forced in places. I’m a math teacher, people.

The holly green

The ivy green

The bestest grade 10’s you’ve ever seen!

It’s Christmas time in Hanley,

When do we send these kids home?

They’re busy learning geometry and poems and novels and short stories

Gluing Industrial arts projects

And baking small gingerbread homes.

In gym they’re shooting baskets,

In science it’s Chemistry and Wildlife has them studying Lakes and fish and trees!

It hurts, you know,

To stub your toe

While trying to avoid the mistletoe

Why are there no kids named Stanley?

The likes you’ve never known….

It’s Christmas time in Hanley!

When do we send these kids home?!