Open Gym time at the MAP

Students that are registered with PSSD homebased education have gym time available on most Fridays from 10am-12pm at the Martensville Athletic Pavillion

Rules and regulations:

Parents are required to supervise their registered HBE children while at the MAP

indoor shoes are required

no food or glass bottles

no smoking, vaping or use of profanity or abusive language

there is zero tolerance for threats, inappropriate and violent behaviour at the MAP

Here are dates the MAP is available from 10am-12pm for HBE:

Oct 14,28 Nov 4,25 Dec 2,9 Jan 13, Feb 3,10, Mar 3,10,31 April 28, May 5,12,26 June 2,23

There is some equipment there in the storage locker but you may wish to bring some of your own inside gym equipment , please get it approved on arrival. I hope it works for HBE families to use this excellent facility. Lorraine

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September 27th, Home based update

Hello Home Based Education families:

We are coming to the end of the month when registrations need to be completed. I have 99% of the registrations entered I just need a few more before the end of this month. I have send emails and phoned so please reply if you have gotten a call or email from me recently.

I am sorry I am still unable to send out HBE emails as a group but I will use this Blog to share information till mass email is available. You can always email me indivdually if you have questions.

Student Login information: If you would like your student’s login information so that they can access the PSSD website, email me with the student’s names. I will send the login information to you, there are a lot of a very good free sites available to the students under the student / learning resources’ tab.

Driver training: Remember to call your local school to inquire about driver training dates and to get put on the list .

Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and email or call if you have an inquiry.

Lorraine Fitzgerald : HBE Facilitator

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HBE Registration Information

I have processed all the registrations that I have received by email , mail and in person. If you have not heard from me regarding completion of your registration, please contact me at or by phone 306-683-2830. If your child is not returning to Homebased Education, please let me know so I can withdraw them.

I will be sending a mass email to all families once the technology is available. We are excited for our new system update to be complete. Thank you for your patience. If you have questions in the meantime, please reach out to me by email or phone.

Drivers Ed Information:
If your child is turning 15 (or is currently 15 or older) you may register for Drivers Education by connecting with your local school. Please do this as soon as possible as dates are already set for the fall. When do you register please let me know so I can send you your student log in information.

Lorraine Fitzgerald

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Homebased Registration Update

Hello HBE Families,

Hope you all had a great summer. Its that time of year where the deadline is fast approaching. All your registration forms need to be in by Thursday, September 15, 2022. The forms are all available on the PSSD Homebased Website, or you can email and I can send you the forms (Notice of Intent, Funding, and Education Plan). If you are already receiving direct deposit, we do not need a new copy unless your banking information has changed.

If you have a new student never registered before, please do the online registration for that student. Be sure to attach a birth certificate.

Starting in October we will be sending out regular monthly emails so please watch for those in your inbox.

Hope your year is off to a great start,


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May 10th, 2022 Newsletter

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April 26th, 2022 Newsletter

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April 8th, newsletter

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March Newsletter and Survey for Fall

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March 8th Newsletter

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February 18th, 2022 Newsletter

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