June 26th – 30th

Hopefully everyone had a terrific weekend, whether you were working in the yard, playing with your kids, catching some music at the JazzFest, or just relaxing with a book on the deck. We had a quiet weekend, we spent Saturday at the University where the kids took time to look at the dinosaur bones, ride the glass elevator, run around on the grass, and have a snack. Sunday was also a quiet day, we were able to get lots of chores around the house and yard completed.

This will be a short message this week, as I just want to say thank you for an incredible year. Coming over last August, I was nervous and excited, however all of you quickly helped me feel at home, and it wasn’t long until I felt like part of the team. I was amazed at the level of adult learning that all of you have committed to this year, your hard work has helped make Waldheim School an amazing place for all of the learners, young and old. Thank you for all of your support and trust this year, moving into the principals role mid-year presented it’s own unique challenges, however your patience and honest communication helped make this a very successful year.

As we look forward to the new school year, I will be sending out some information regarding what to expect during the first week and month of school next year. Until then, create a great week, and a wonderful summer!

Here’s what lies ahead:


  • Grade 1 – 6 swimming
  • Kindergarten orientation
  • Jesse Reis visiting


  • Grade 8 field trip


  • Last day of classes for grades 1 – 9
  • Progress reports (1 – 9) go home


  • Work day at school (duty sheet will be put up in staff room)
  • Grad


  • Last day of work for the 16/17 school year
  • Grade 10 & 11 progress reports available for pick up
  • Staff free to leave at 12:00 noon
  • Please leave summer contact information at the office

Create a great week!

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June 19th – 23rd

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! I hope your day was a great as mine, I had an incredible weekend in the company of my family, which is always nice. On Friday night we had the twins’ 4th birthday celebration (their actual birthday is on Tuesday, 20th), and that was as wild as you can imagine a party for twins would be…lots of gift wrap and cake crumbs 🙂 On Saturday, I took the kids to the movie Cars 3, which was really interesting as the first Cars movie was one of Bobby’s early favorites, and one he has watched repeatedly in the van or on TV. I think he even got a little tear in his eye at one point, lots of fun! Today was another wonderful day as the kids and I ventured up to Waskesiu for the day. This gave us some time to play and explore, while leaving the house nice and quiet for Krista as she’s working nights at RUH. Needless to say, I’m a tad bit tired tonight, so this will be a bit of a shorter post.

David and I were marveling at the incredible feeling around the school this week, between the Jones Awards, the ball tournament, the elementary swimming, and the commitment to learning each and every day. While we were at the CAP conference last month, I jotted a note down in my book as this thought popped in my head, “how do you measure the unmeasurable?” Last week was one of those weeks, one where there was such a high level of student engagement, but engagement that does not get measured or reported on through any  surveys. I was amazed at the level of engagement at the Jones Awards as the students who dared, put their talents on display. Not every piece was performed flawlessly, but the students didn’t care, they cheered just as loud for each and every one. Not sure how to quantify how my heart felt during those performances. At the ball tournament, students of all abilities and ages took part in a student organized, student lead activity. Kids were coming and going from the tournament, and there was never a sense of students getting into mischief, or looking for ways to create problems. As David and I watched we were so impressed with the incredibly positive choices every student was making. Not sure how to quantify how my heart felt during those games.

What last week reminded me of was how blessed we all are to be working with such amazing students. This is the result of the culture you have fostered. You have given the students the power and desire to lead, thank you for that! As you take time over the next two weeks to reflect on the year that was, I invite you to think about which students you have really connected with, and the impact you have had on them. I’d also like you to think about the impact they have had on you. How have your students changed you this year? How have they made you a better teacher? Will you tell them? Thank them?

Here is what lies ahead this week:


  • Staff meeting (3 pm)


  • Celebration of Excellence Ceremony (1 pm)


  • 4/5 Hardy to Shekinah
  • Kindergarten Grad
  • Gr. 1 Science Fair


  • Kindergarten Grad


  • Swimming, swimming, swimming!
  • Farewell luncheon
  • Final exams (day 1)

As always, create a great week!

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June 12 – 16

What a great weekend, the weather wasn’t perfect, but there was a lot of opportunities  to get out and about and enjoy a June weekend. We had an action packed weekend, as Krista, who is a Guides Leader, took Eva to Redberry for an overnight camping trip with the rest of Eva’s troop. Judging from an exhausted six year old’s report, it sounds like it was the, “best time ever!” She talked about the fun activities they took part in, and even went so far as to celebrate the fact that she was allowed to wash and dry her own dishes, I wonder how long that will last. This meant that Bobby, Charlie, Maggie, and I were fending for ourselves, and we had a blast at my niece and nephew’s family and friend grad celebration. I found it so interesting that we were celebrating 12 years of education for my sister’s twin children just as my twins are getting ready to begin their journey. All in all, it was a wonderful, but very tiring weekend.

We are certainly in the home stretch now as the 10 – 12’s have 9 days of classes left, while the other students have 13 days, and we all know the days will fly by. We also know that this time of year can be very trying for all of the learners in the building, and at times it can feel like we are just holding on by the thinnest of threads. Larry Ferlazo talks about this in his article, Finishing the School Year Strong, which is an interesting read with some great ideas. He discusses the idea of finishing strong, offering these two suggestions;

Students can reflect on these two questions, turning their answers into posters that can be hung around the classroom as reminders and shared with each other:

  • What are three things you can do to help finish the school year strong academically?
  • What is one thing you can do to help your classmates finish the year strong academically?

As you think about where you are with your course loads, what needs to be done to finish strong, while maintaining that critical relationship with the students? We know it’s not easy, but how can you make everyday count from here on in? While you do this, I sincerely hope you find joy and happiness in every moment with your students.

Here’s what lies ahead this week:


Grade 5/6 off to Camp Kadesh


Grade 5/6 return from camping trip


High school ball tournament


Bruce away all day at daughter’s field trip to Pike Lake


K1, 2/3, and 5/6 swimming in Rosthern


As always, create a great week!

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June 5th – 9th

A touch windy, but wow, was that a beautiful weekend! The weather was perfect to be outside, and we took full advantage both days. On Saturday, we took part in the annual Martensville  Buster Days Pancake Breakfast. We have been doing this every year since moving to Martensville, and it is so cool to be able to share the experience with the kids, who gobble down their pancakes and sausage as fast as they can so they can get a look at the model train exhibit. From there we ventured downtown, found a prime spot and waited for the parade, another huge hit with the kids. Sunday was another great day to be with family, as we went for a picnic at the University (beside Innovation Place), and then wandered over to Grandma’s house for some dessert, and some shade. While we were there the kids were put to work, pulling weeds and planting flowers.

Grandma teaching Maggie how to plant flowers.

As I watched my two youngest planting marigolds with my mom, I was reminded of something George Couros (@gcouros) spoke about at CAP2017. He talked about how it’s sometimes necessary to be the “sage on the stage”, that we can’t always leave the learning to the students to discover all on their own. My mom and dad were always so proud of their flower gardens in Watrous, and were always in contention for yard of the year, as that was an annual award that was presented in our home town. It was wonderful to see our kids learning from their grandma, she gave them clear instructions and helped them navigate the soil, helped them press the flower into the dirt with just the right touch, and then apply just enough water. As I watched I was guilty of thinking about school and how we balance when to lead and when to step aside and let the kids explore on their own. When you think about the skill building that goes on in your class, when do you need to be the “sage on the stage” and when do you need to be the “guide by their side”? This also made me think of this very popular video of a girl learning how to ski jump, it’s a fun video.

We have a shortened week ahead, however we all know it will be no less busy. On Monday you have a full prep day, this is your time to use as you wish. I will be in and out of meetings all day, so if you see my door closed, it’s likely that I’m in with someone. I’m very excited to say that Jesse Reis will be joining us for part of the day, hopefully you will get a chance to meet him and introduce yourself to our new VP. On Thursday our 4, 5, and 6 qualifiers will be heading over to Hepburn for the annual WHHRLS track meet, that should be a great day!

Here is what lies ahead for the week:


  • Prep Day
  • I’m in meetings at 9:00, 10:30, and 1:30


  • Bruce, David, and Jesse at ALT


  • Bruce in transition meetings with Joanne


  • Katharine, Dwayne, and Bruce at WHHRLS all day


  • Bruce in transition meetings with Joanne

As always, create a great week!


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