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Let’s Go for Coffee

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a good cup of coffee. It can be iced or hot, black or fancied up, I just love the whole coffee experience. This was one of the pleasant surprises when I… Continue Reading →

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Let’s Have Fun.

Bags are packed, clothes are selected, groceries are purchased, and alarms are set. We are ready to go! I have to imagine that similar scenes are playing out all across Saskatchewan this weekend as the turning of the leaves remind… Continue Reading →

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Normally I save my blogging for a Sunday afternoon, after I’ve had some time to reflect on the week that was, and had some time to think about the different things that are on the horizon for our school. We’ve… Continue Reading →

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Thank You! June 25 – 29

Like the monkey said after he ran over his tail with the lawn mower, “it won’t be long now!” What an amazing year.  We’ve arrived at the end of this chapter of the book of learning at Waldheim School, and… Continue Reading →

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Just Let Go. June 18 – 22

“It’s okay daddy,  just hang on and then let go!” Those were the words of my seven year old daughter, Eva, today as we spent a bit of Father’s Day at their new favorite place, Clip and Climb. This is… Continue Reading →

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Pride and Joy: June 11 – 15

What gives you pride and joy in your work? When Brad was out for a visit on Friday afternoon, he asked that question, one which had been asked by Lori Jeschke on a few different occasions. Pride and joy at… Continue Reading →

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The Ritual of Reflection. June 4 – 11

“You go, I’ve got it. Things will be fine here.” These were the words that met me Friday morning as I arrived at the school. Jesse knew I was planning on heading up to Prince Albert to watch our provincial… Continue Reading →

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We’re All Gardeners. May 28 – June 1

“She’s good, all I can do now is leave her alone”. These were the words spoken to me by a parent at Griffiths Stadium on Friday morning as a parent/coach knew her daughter was getting ready to take part in the… Continue Reading →

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It’s Not a Pond, It’s an Ocean! May 22 – 25

As the familiar miles rolled by, the kids continued to ask, “dad, are we almost there?” We’ve been to Waskesiu dozens of times, either on a day trip like we were on Sunday, or for an extended holiday, but each… Continue Reading →

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Thanks Mom! May 14 – 18

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, hopefully you enjoy your day. It was another great weekend here, spending as much time as we could out in the yard. I was excited to set up our new smoker… Continue Reading →

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