30 X 30 Challenge

Our school is excited to be taking part in the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 Nature Challenge again this year! Over the last decade, researchers have documented what most of us know intuitively: nature is good for our health and well-being. Being regularly immersed in a natural setting, like a park, field or forest can reduce stress and symptoms of attention-deficit disorders while boosting immunity, energy levels and creativity. The message is clear—kids need nature!

During the month of May, we’re joining Canadians coast to coast in spending 30 minutes in nature every day for 30 days. Spending time outside together is good for everyone, not to mention lots of fun.

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Mug ‘N Muffin

The Pike Lake School Community Council is once again hosting a Mug ‘N Muffin on Friday, May 31 from 6:30-9am. You can still drop off your recyclable containers and grab a muffin and coffee to help you start your day!

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Empties are Full of Opportunities

To help offset some of the costs of our upcoming Try-A-Thon, Pike Lake School will be collecting beverage containers that we can return for the refundable deposit. You can drop off your containers at the school. The following is a list of containers that we would love to recycle for you!

  • Aluminum/Tin Cans                                                
  • Plastic Bottles/Jugs (rinsed, lids removed if possible)
  • Cartons and Juice Boxes (rinsed)
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SCC Meeting

The next SCC elections and AGM will be on May 14 at 4:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend. If childcare is needed please contact Elyse Kaye at 306-914-1419 in advance.

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Community Feast Luncheon And Book Swap

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Community Feast and Book Swap. Once again our students amazed the volunteers with their culinary skills and confidence that they have learned through their participation in the nutrition program. Our most wholehearted gratitude to those individuals who came to assist the students’ food preparations.  We couldn’t be as successful without your contributions! 

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