History of Pike Lake School

On June 8, 2013 Pike Lake School, ‘A Small School With A Big Heart’, celebrated its 100th birthday.  Construction of the school began in 1912 with the first class enrolling in September of 1913.  Originally located west of Highway 60 it was moved to its present location in 1947.  Community support has characterized the school’s 100 year history.  The land for the present location was donated; volunteers prepared the site including building a basement.

Enrolment in 1913 was 24 students.  In 1964 with only 14 students enrolled, the West School Unit considered closure.  The community convinced the unit to keep the school open if costs could be kept down.  So for several years, families formed teams to do the cleaning and in the summer, a team of volunteers sanded and painted floors.   The West School Unit provided the supplies.  Enrolment grew to 70 students and two additional school buildings were moved onto the site.  One was the old Smithville School and the other a portable.  In 1973 the original school building was closed.  Then in 1992 the remaining two buildings were retired and a new portable module moved to the site.  Today this building houses students from Kindergarten to Grade Four with physical education taking place in the community hall nearby.  Enrollment has reached a high of 76 students.  Currently 38 students are enrolled.

The slogan ‘A Small School With A Big Heart’ truly captures the ambiance of this special school.  The support of parents and community and the dedication of the staff have been and continue to be very strong.  The close relationship between the staff, students and parents makes this school exceptional.  It is a Saskatchewan gem.