Mr. Brian Knowles

Pike Lake School will continue to implement a place-based learning model of education where students gain knowledge through experience as staff strives to meet the needs of each learner.  Our goal is to engage students in all domains not just their intellect but also their senses, feelings, and personalities. This model of learning closely aligns with the goals of Prairie Spirit School Division for student learning. We are embracing outdoor education as we know it  has a positive impact on student academic success, self-concept and interpersonal skills .  Students are spending a good portion of the day outdoors not only on the school ground but also within the community.  This model of education encourages all students to be integrated and engaged together learning from each other. Some of this time be exploring our community to learn what we are about, where we are in the world and our relationship with other people and places. Instead of traditional grade classrooms, the classrooms have been transformed into experiential learning spaces.  We have developed a soft space, an exploration space, an imagination space, and an active space.  This helps foster 21st century learners that are flexible and creative problem solvers who are empowered through authentic learning situations. All curricular outcomes continue to be met but the way we go about it looks differently than what you would traditionally expect.

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