About Pike Lake School

  • A warm and friendly school, located about 30 kilometers south of  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, near Pike Lake Provincial Park
  • Nestled in rolling, sandy hills and beautifully treed landscape
  • 44 students attend our school from  Kindergarten to Grade 4
  • A true community school, with strong  parental and community support
  • A school with an extremely dedicated  staff who believe in, and deliver, an exciting, dynamic academic program

Our School Day

In the summer we watch the temperatures and the UV Index.  In the winter we watch the outdoor temperatures and wind-chills carefully to ensure students are kept safe from the freezing temperatures.  At times, we are prevented from going outside for recesses and stay inside for the break.  This can happen on individual days, or it can occur on consecutive days for a week or more at a time.  When students have an indoor recess, they engage in play throughout the school.  Students enjoy unstructured activities with their classmates in the different learning/play spaces using the variety of educational toys, building toys, drawing materials and environments to play games of their own imagination.  We are mindful of the need for students to have a body break during inside recess days and we build in body breaks and gym to provide this.

When temperatures and/or weather are not a barrier to getting outdoors and we are engaged in outdoor education activities, a natural recess allows for the break to be taken before, during, or after outdoor learning experiences.  Being outdoors, engaged in a learning activity does not constitute a recess break.  When temperatures are very cold, we have found that it is more likely to take a recess break just after the half hour lunch break when temperatures warm up.  We value unstructured play time for our students and will continue to ensure they have the mandated recess opportunities to engage in this with their peers.