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Check out the knowledgable Soul Rock Studio Staff listed below. Our staff are available to provide a free individual lesson or conversation with you as part of your learning journey. While this is not intended to be a regularly scheduled activity, there is no limit to the number of requests students may make. Lessons will be provided as teacher time allows. We can match you with someone who fits your interests or you can request someone specific. We encourage you to try them all over time. Leave us a note in the Tip Jar to tell us what you worked on with your teacher. These lessons can be carried out in the following ways:

  • Online audio/video platform
  • Email us an audio recording & we’ll send back our recorded audio feedback
  • Over the phone

To request a lesson submit this form.

Chef’s Choice is suitable for all students of any level. We can get you started or challenge you. Level of rigor is:

Joel Jeschke

  • Shop Talk: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal, Electronic, Folk, Sampling
  • Instruments: Drum-set, Percussion
  • Performing Groups: Whale and the Wolf, Milq, Sievi

Hank Friesenstein

  • Shop Talk: Canadian Songwriters, Music Appreciation, World Percussion, Folk Music, Album Cover Art, and your Indie Project!
  • Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Beginner Vocals
  • Performing Groups: PSSD House Band

Drum Sticks

  • Shop Talk: Orchestra, Concert Band, anything percussion, Rock, Pop, Folk, Video Game & Movie Soundtracks.
  • Instruments: Percussion and Brass
  • Performing Groups: PSSD House Band, Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, Swamp Catz Jazz Band

Yukon Gold

  • Shop Talk: Music Appreciation, Wind Band, Brass Band, Conducting, Melodic Death Metal, Garage Punk, Orchestral, Alternative Rock
  • Instruments: Trumpet, Baritone
  • Performing Groups: PSSD House Band


  • Shop Talk: TBA
  • Instruments: Violin/Fiddle
  • Performing Groups: TBA

Willie Wah Wah Willis

  • Shop Talk: Wind Band, Brass Band, Percussion Ensemble, Conducting
  • Instruments: Trumpet, Percussion, Drum Kit
  • Performing Groups: PSSD House Band, previously the Saskatoon Brass Band, Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra.

Stevie the Shill Master

  • Shop Talk: Wind Band, Choral, Disney, Pop, R & B, Vocals, Singer Songwriter
  • Instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone, Voice
  • Performing Groups: PSSD House Band

Funky Frankie Fritz

  • Shop Talk: Music Appreciation, Recording, Song Writing
  • Instruments: Beginner/Intermediate Drums, Beginner Guitar/Bass/Ukulele
  • Performing Groups: PSSD House Band, Mountain Ridge Band, Oscar’s Hollow

David VanBruce

  • Shop Talk: All Genres of music, Music History, Canadian Artists, Songwriting, Recording, Live Sound Production, Music Gear, Synthesizers, Vintage Gear
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Performing Groups: PSSD House Band, The Three Canadians, The Mountain Ridge Band

Captain Swamp Cat

  • Shop Talk: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Dixieland, Motown, Outlaw Country, Classical, Wind Band, Funk
  • Instruments: Trombone, Clarinet, Piano, Beginner Guitar
  • Performing groups: PSSD House Band, Mountain Ridge Band, Stone Frigate Big Band, Swamp Catz Jazz Band

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