Bacon Blues

With fewer trips to the grocery store during quarantine days, we know students may have acquired the Bacon Blues. An order for Bacon Blues is just what you need to get rid of the blues and get you looking forward to better days filled with the joy of bacon.

Bacon Blues 1 – Learn through audio & video how the blues tell stories and connect history to current pop music. Featuring the great B.B. King, take a journey through time in the Bacon Blues.

No instrument Required

Drop us a note in the Tip Jar and tell us what gives you the blues.

Level of Rigor is:

Bacon Blues 2 – Build on what you learned in Bacon Blues 1 and apply it by learning how to write your own blues song.

An instrument is not required but would be useful to fully complete the lesson. This lesson also features reduced screen time.

Drop us a note in the Tip Jar and tell us what the topic of your blues song is.

Level of Rigor is:

Try some Strawberry Swing with your Bacon

Return to the Diner

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