Students attending Ecole Warman Elementary School may be eligible for bus service. The Prairie Spirit School Division organizes all of the busing for our students and has determined the criteria for urban busing in the City of Warman to be a walking distance of more than one kilometre from the school.  

More information on busing service (including bus pass applications, school bus route maps and schedules, and busing policy) can be located on the Prairie Spirit School Division website under TRANSPORTATION.

Other busing information: 

  • Students must have a bus pass in their possession to ride a school bus. 
  • Students may only ride the bus for which they have a pass for, and must board/get off at the bus stop indicated on the bus pass. 
  • Applications for a bus pass can be obtained at the PSSD Transportation website (link above) or at the school office. 
  • If you are moving or changing schools in Warman you must reapply for a new bus pass. 


  • Information on bus cancellations is updated daily (shortly after 6:00AM) and can located on the PSSD Transportation ALERTS webpage or by calling the PSSD Bus Hotline at 306-683-2805. 
  • Warman Urban bus students will NOT receive a phone call from the bus driver regarding bus cancellations in severe weather.  
  • Buses in Prairie Spirit School Division will not run if the actual temperature reaches -40 degrees Celsius actual temperature or the combined temperature and wind chill factors result in a reading of -45 degrees Celsius or below at 6am (as reported by Environment Canada for Saskatoon).
  • Bus routes cancelled at 6:00 a.m. are expected to operate on their regular routes at the end of the school day, provided that temperatures reported at 12:00 noon are warmer than -45 degrees Celsius (combined temperature/windchill).
  •  In stormy conditions, bus drivers will use their discretion to determine whether or not to run. Buses are not to operate if weather conditions such as freezing rain, dense fog, heavy rain, or severe dust storms impair visibility or otherwise cause dangerous travel conditions. Bus drivers decide whether or not to run by no later than thirty minutes before the first scheduled morning pick up and by no later than one hour prior to the scheduled afternoon dismissal. 
  • Even if the buses are not running, parents are welcome to transport their children to school.  Unless otherwise noted, the school is still open and having regular classes and would be closed to students only for reasons such as health and safety so please inform the school if your child will not be attending. 
  • There will be no early dismissals due to deteriorating weather conditions. If it is determined buses will not run at the regular dismissal time, previously arranged urban billeting is to be used for bus students, and families are to be notified of those arrangements. Please keep your contact information updated for this purpose. 

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