Parent and community volunteers are an integral part of a dynamic school community. Volunteers are sometimes needed for a variety of tasks throughout the school including classroom program assistance, assisting teachers with the preparation of materials, coaching, school programs and School Community Council projects. 

Our school division policy requires that any person working directly with students MUST complete a criminal record check and be approved by the school administration.

Approved volunteers remain as such from one year to the next, and do not have to go through the approval process annually. Volunteers are obligated to report any criminal charges to the school administration promptly. See the school office for assistance in completing a criminal record check.

More information on PSSD Volunteers can be found here.

VOLUNTEER DRIVERS: Any person transporting students (besides their own) in school-sponsored activities MUST be both approved volunteers and have completed the approved driver form ANNUALLY.  

First steps for volunteers: 

  • Interested in volunteering in a classroom? Speak to the specific teacher or contact the school office with a general inquiry. 
  • Interested in volunteering with the School Community Council? Contact one of our representative SCC members (listed in the SCC tab) or leave your contact information with the school office. 
  • Interested in volunteering in the school library? Contact the school office and leave your contact information for the library technician to contact you. 

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