ÉWES Library

ÉWES Library 

*COVID-19 Restrictions: For the first 6 weeks:

  • Our school library will remain closed to staff and students (There will be no browsing/withdrawal of books by individual students from school libraries). 
  • Our library techs will work with school admin and/or school Learning Facilitators to determine appropriate classroom library loan periods.
  • Teachers will be able to connect with our library tech to request books to be pulled for classroom library use and schedule designated days to allow for safe book return and pick up.
  • More info. to come

Library Class Booking Calendar – (Staff)

The École Warman Elementary School Library strives to provide a welcoming environment where students and staff have access to a wide range of information in a variety of formats (French & English). We support the development of lifelong learning skills as well as literacy for learning, recreational and informational needs. 

The library materials are carefully selected to support curriculum, develop literacy, encourage curiosity and inquiry and support students’ social, cultural and emotional growth. We want the love of reading and learning to be a part of our students’ lives forever. 

The library is overseen by caring library technicians and wonderful volunteers who assist in keeping our library operational.  

Borrowing Materials 

All students at École Warman Elementary School have a library account and may borrow materials from the library. 


How many books may I borrow?
  • Students may have up to six (6) books out at one time. 
How long may I keep the books? 
  • Students may keep books for up to two (2) weeks. 
What if I’m not finished my book in two weeks? 
  • You may renew your book if you need to keep it longer. 
What if I lose a book or my dog eats it or my little sister colours in it or I drop it in a puddle? (or any other catastrophe) 
  • You are responsible for everything you borrow from the library, but we understand things happen. If something does happen to your library book, you can pay a small replacement fee ($10 for fiction/ $15 for non-fiction). 

What if I pay for a lost book, but I find it later? 

  • The library will refund your money. 

What if the library says I have a book, but I KNOW I returned it? 

  • First, we will ask you to check at home, in your book bag, locker and classroom library. Often books get onto the leveled reading carts, lost in the classroom teacher’s collection or left somewhere in the home. 
  • Second, if you have looked everywhere, and your book is not there, we will look on the library shelves. Despite being very vigilant, sometimes books find their way back to the shelves without going through the computer. 
  • If your book is not on the shelves, however, you are responsible for paying the replacement fee. Again, if it turns up later, we will refund your money. 

What if my friend wants my book? Can I just pass it to them? 

  • NO! Remember that you are responsible for everything you sign out of the library. If your friend loses or damages the book and it is signed out under your name, you will be responsible to pay for it. If your friend wants to borrow the book, come to the library with your friend and have the staff sign it out of your name and into your friend’s name. 

Library Volunteers 

The École Warman Elementary School Library is a vibrant hub of activity. We rely on parent volunteers to help keep our library operating at its best. 

What can volunteers do? 

  • shelve books (this is where assistance is most frequently required) 
  • shelf read (ensure the books on the shelf are in the proper order)
  • sign books in and out to patrons 
  • assist students to find appropriate books 
  • prepare books for processing 
  • assist with Book Fairs

How do I become a volunteer? 

  • Please call the school (306-933-2066) for more information about volunteering.  All volunteers in Prairie Spirit schools must complete the necessary record check and paperwork. 

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