French Immersion

École Warman Elementary (ÉWES) is a dual-track school where both English and French Immersion Programs co-exist. 

*For the 2023-24 School year at École Warman Elementary School, we have a Pre-K- Grade 5 English Program as well as a K-6 French Immersion Program.  

Goals of the French Immersion Program 

 “Students will become highly proficient in English and functionally fluent in French, capable of pursuing post-secondary education and training and undertaking employment in either language.” 

 “Students will understand and appreciate Francophone cultures”   

“Students will learn to communicate effectively in Canada’s two official languages”  

French Language Classrooms and Program Characteristics: 


  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum 
  • Inquiry-Based Instruction 
  • Language-rich environment 
  • Learning is organized by context rather than subject 
  • Modeling of the French Language 
  • Students’ interest and questions influence direction of learning contexts 
  • Authentic communication with an emphasis on oral language 
  • Actions, gestures, rhymes, play, exploration, stories to increase vocabulary  
  • Supportive and encouraging 
  • Tasks and assessments respond to competencies (Identifying as an Immersion Language Learner, Understanding Meanings and Information, Expressing Oneself to Respond to Needs and Intentions) rather than subject specific outcomes 

 Grades 3-6

French is the language of instruction for a significant part of the school day in several or all subjects, with the exception of English Language Arts  ( .


For more resources and information, visit CPF (Canadian Parents for French) Toolbox for Parents  ( 




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