2011-2012 Hanley Yearbook

The 2011-2012 Hanley yearbook is almost complete and ready to be sent to the printers. This year we used Herff Jones‘ online yearbook designer to design and print our yearbook. The price is $30 per book, but we need to sell a minimum of 50 copies.

Order form will be sent home this week so you can order your copy before October 18th, 2012.

You can download and print a copy of the Hanley Yearbook Order Sheet.

Saber Football Power Card

Here are just a few of the discounts you receive with the Saber Football Power Card:

  • ½ off coffee at Trailbreak Services
  • Free Teen Burger with Purchase of a Teen Burger Combo – A&W all Saskatoon Locations
  • Free Sandwich with purchase of same kind – Arby’s 146, 22nd st., Saskatoon
  • Free salad bar with purchase of salad bar and 2 drinks – Bonanza 8th street, Saskatoon

To purchase – see any team member or come to the school office

The deals are valid until September of 2013

From The Office

Welcome back everyone!! As I sit here thinking back to the last couple weeks, our first few weeks of this year, I’m amazed that so many things have already taken place this school year! This fall was our first year in a long time to have students return to school after the Labour Day long weekend. I hope each of the Hanley School families enjoyed the longer summer break. Teachers and support staff were in the school and around the division taking part in some meetings and professional development opportunities in the last week of August, getting ready for another great year of teaching our students.

I want to welcome back Mrs. Burgess who was away part of last year on a medical leave. It’s good to see you back in the halls! Mrs. Burgess is here for shortened days in September and October, so we also welcome Mrs. Harder for accepting the other part of those days for the fall. Great to have you here as well, Mrs. Harder! Also, welcome to Miss Martineau, teaching in the grade 2/3 room this fall and helping coach Senior Girls Volleyball! We welcome Mrs. Pozniak, formerly known as Miss Rancourt, and congratulate her on her recent wedding this fall! A summer order of tables went AWOL this fall, and the grade 4/5 room has been doing a wonderful job making due in the arts ed room – thanks everyone! I’d like to also welcome two interns we have in the school this fall – Mr. Howie and Mr. Bartsch, both with Physics and Math backgrounds, and working with Mrs. Prakash and Mr. Herman. Hanley School will also have a couple education students from the U of S every other Friday this year as we give them a chance to work and experience various classes in a school setting. We also welcome Mrs. Ashdown to our support staff as an EA in the mornings, and two new bus drivers, Mr. Drever and Mrs. Mooney, meeting those smiling sleepy faces for the morning ride to school. Welcome everyone to another wonderful year at Hanley Composite School.

Hanley School will be on NUT ALERT again this year as we have three students with serious allergies and peanuts and nut products are some triggers of those allergies. There is a danger of anaphylactic shock in these cases which involves a closing of the airways. This safety concern for students will require families to be aware of what food items we’re bringing and sending to school. Please check packages for food items that may contain nuts or nut products or be produced in a facility where they may come into contact with those nuts or nut products and please look for an alternative that doesn’t. Thanks for your help in keeping our students in Hanley School safe and healthy.

Many of our extra-curricular activities are fully under way this year. Our Saber Football team has had two very successful games, one exhibition and one league, starting off their season in the right direction. The Senior and Junior Girls’ Volleyball teams are also doing great this year, with a couple tournaments already under their belt and a full season ahead. Our Cross Country runners have been practicing and competing already this fall, looking forward to an- other great season, and we also have a couple students, Nathan and Taylor, heading off to Provincial Golf competition this weekend. Our SRC is also taking off today for their fall Student Leadership Conference in Watrous for the rest of the week. We look forward to the new ideas and plans for the year they bring back.

A couple dates are approaching before our next newsletter in October to make you aware of. Awards Night will take place again on the first Tuesday of October at 7:00pm in the gym – congratulations to everyone who will be winning an award! Also, our fall Tri-Conferences will take place this year on October 16th and 17th from 5:00-7:30pm, prior to the report cards going out in November. It’s a good opportunity for parents and teachers to get stu- dents on the right track with classes and behaviours, as well as an excellent time to encourage all the good things students are doing to continue! We hope to see you all there. The School Community Council (SCC) will also be holding their Meet the Staff BBQ that night starting at 5:00, so come on out for a burger and take some time to talk to the staff! The library will also be holding the annual Book Fair so make sure you stop in to check out the new reading materials and other items!

We’ve got a big day ahead on Friday this week with a bunch of happenings at school. There is a pizza sale at noon and a short recognition event for the donations and volunteers that improved our outdoor court this summer. A pep rally by the SRC will follow, including some face painting last class. It’s a Saber Pride dress up day and we have a home football game starting at 4:00pm as the Sabers host Loreburn-Kenaston. CTV news is also in town filming their Rural News broadcast on Friday and their plan is to broadcast some of their afternoon from the school as well.

Picture Day is Monday, Sept 24th, with an SCC meeting that night at 7:00pm. Enjoy the year everyone. Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Chris Tucker
Hanley Composite School

Grade 12 News

After years of waiting, our Grade 12 year is finally here, and everyone is really busy getting back into the swing of things. In English/Social Studies, we are learning about Canada and everything our country has to offer. In Workplace and Apprenticeship Math, we are about to have our first test, while we are focusing on Rational Function Transformations (Is that a real thing? It sounds made up.) in Pre-Calculus, and in Chemistry, we are finishing up reviews from last year.

Grade 11 News

So great to back to school!!! Classes are in full swing. In math foundations, we will be having our first exam on Tuesday, Sept. 18th. In Physics, we are learning wonders and workings around us, as well as understanding such math components as, scientific notation, significant figures and metric conversion. In Biology, we have been focused on the smallest living thing, the cell. In ELA, we are working on inquiry learning.

Grade 10 News

Well, the grade 10’s are back into it and hard at work! “Challenges” is the theme of the moment in English. In Math they are examining proportional reasoning, taxes and currency exchange. Students are learning about cabinet construction in I.A. and in Home Ec, they’re learning about canning, so they’ll have something to put into those cabinets! Ecosystems, biodiversity, sustainability (and frogs) have been the focus so far in science. In Wellness, there has been a mixed bag of soccer, volleyball, volunteer hours discussions and looking at musculoskeletal systems. And finally, our eager young learners have been given a book full of signs and laws to study in Driver’s Ed, as well as a whole lotta’ pamphlets – so, our sidewalks should be safe for another few weeks yet! Thanks to the grade 10 class for their contributions.

Grade 9 News

I knew it. I just knew it. All summer long, I knew that these grade 9’s were going to be a dandy bunch. They are. We’ve enjoyed our first couple of weeks together. In Art class we’ve already experienced Weasel Theater and Random Records. In English we collaborated on writing some delicious short stories about “A Crazy Day at the Candy Store” and we are about to embark on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Social Studies has us exploring Worldviews. Well what in the world is a “worldview” anyways and why is mine different than yours? Big stuff. Mr. Tucker is helping us understand Leadership. What makes a good leader? Who are good leaders? Mr. Tucker is a good leader . Area and Matter are the topics we are tackling in Math and Science classes. It may sound a bit dull, but those are areas that matter and we are grateful to have the chance to learn about them. Well done everyone.

Grade 8 News

Wow! The grade eights have finally actually made it into a classroom in the High School! So, to celebrate, we are reviewing in Math their foundational math skills and will shortly be studying “Square Numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem”. While in ELA the students have been sharpening their grammatical skills and will begin their first thematic unit, “On the Edge of Survival”, shortly. Meanwhile, in Art class, the 8’s are making beautiful art out of simple 1 inch black lines. In Science, the unit of study is Cells, Tissues and Organs. We have investigated living versus non-living things. We are about to embark on the microscopic world with our new found knowledge of the microscope. In Health, students are learning about promoting physical activity to others. In PE we are trying to sneak in those summer and fall activities outside before the weather turns too cold on us.

Grade 7 News

The beginning of the year has been a busy one! We have been getting to know every- one and getting settled. We are slowly settling into a routine and are beginning to get busy with our courses. The girls and boys are split for the core content classes (social, science, math and ELA), but remain together for the rest of their classes. In ELA, the girls have been reviewing their basic grammar skills before we begin our first thematic unit on “Science Fiction”. The boys have begun a novel study of Escape from Home. In social, both groups have been reviewing their geographical skills. In science, the groups are working on research skills and the “Earth’s Crust and Resources”. Math has all the students polishing their basic operational facts and applications. It is important to ensure a strong foundation before we begin building new concepts! So far, I have truly enjoyed the Grade 7s! I look forward to a successful, prosperous, and entertaining few months. Should you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone (544-2511).