Learning for Life

At Venture Heights, we are ALL capable learners!

I know where I am:  I am aware of my current level of understanding in a subject area.

I know what to do next:  I can monitor my progress towards the learning target/goals and can adjust what I am doing as needed. (I can articulate next steps).

I monitor my progress:  I want feedback from my teacher or peers, and I know that errors are opportunities to learn.

I know my learning targets/goals and can talk about them:  I know what I am learning, and I can tell others.

I have the tools for the journey:  I can select tools and resources to support my learning.

I can teach others:  I understand what I am learning and can teach others.


Venture Height’s Vision, Mission and Commitment Statements were completed in the 2010-2011 school year through a process involving input from Venture Heights staff, students and parents. For the most part an appreciative inquiry approach was used to help determine what we do well, what areas we could grow in and what we hope to become as a school community. This information led us to our vision of becoming a collaborative learning community.  We then developed commitment statements that we believe will help us understand what behaviours and actions we need to do in order to attain our vision and our mission.


Please read our Vision, Mission, and Commitment Statements.