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Venture Height’s Vision, Mission and Commitment Statements were completed in the 2010-2011 school year through a process involving input from Venture Heights staff, students and parents. For the most part an appreciative inquiry approach was used to help determine what we do well, what areas we could grow in and what we hope to become as a school community. This information led us to our vision of becoming a collaborative learning community.  We then developed commitment statements that we believe will help us understand what behaviours and actions we need to do in order to attain our vision and our mission.


  • K – 70% of students will be able to represent and verbally explain their thoughts and ideas through pictures or wordsPrompt:  Tell me about you
  • Gr. 1 – 70% of students will be able to write 5 simple sentences by the end of June 2013
    Prompt:  Losing a tooth
  • Gr. 2 – 70% of students will be able to write 6 complete sentences by the end of June 2013
    Prompt:  Describe your perfect day
  • Gr. 3 – 70% of students will be able to independently write 2 paragraphs of 7 to 10 sentences that include proper paragraph structure, with dress-ups, topic sentence, clincher, and proper punctuation
    Prompt:  Informational paragraph (plant)
  • Gr. 4-6 – BEFORE – provide writing prompt and rubric to pre-assess student writing
    DURING – develop WW lessons based on identified areas of need; re-assess student writing after lessons
    AFTER – assess student progress using BC Writing Standards rubric
    Prompt:  Choose something you love to do.  In about one page, introduce us to it, tell us about your involvement in the activity, explain why you would recommend it to others and why it intrigues you.

Please read our Vision, Mission, and Commitment Statements.

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