Reporting Lates and Absences

We are into our second year with ‘Edsby’ and it is getting easier and easier to use.  Under the Parents tab on the home page, locate the Edsby tab and check out the information on setting up your Edsby account.  It is very user friendly and we ask that you set up your notifications as well because all communication from Division Office, the school, and your child’s teacher(s) will be through Edsby.

Please use Edsby to enter your child’s absence or lates.  Make sure the date and times are correct when marking in an absence.  If your child has a medical appointment in the morning but will be back later morning, we suggest you mark the time as 9:00am – 12:30pm (that is our full morning timetable), and this way if they happen not to make it back until after lunch or not at all, we have the absence covered already.

Any other questions, please do hesitate to call the office.

Thank you for your cooperation!!