Reporting Lates and Absences

‘Edsby’ is the new thing to Venture Heights this year.  Under this Parents tab, locate the Edsby tab and check out the information on setting up your Edsby account.  It is very user friendly to use, don’t be scared to get it up and going as much of the teacher/parent communication will be through Edsby.

If you are unable to enter your child’s absence on Edsby at the moment, please call the school at 306-934-2185 or email before 8:50am or before 1:15pm (if it is for the afternoon), if your child will be absent or late.  If you are emailing your child’s teacher with an absence or late, please cc (carbon copy) the office at the above email address so that the office gets the information as well.  Should that teacher not be in school that day, the office would have this information as well and would not be bothering you with a phone call.

Thank you for your cooperation!!