Saskatoon Health Region

The Population and Public Health newsletter contains brief information on important health issues that may affect families.  The newsletter contains hyperlinks to the SHR website to help parents and caregivers access important health topics, such topics as seasonal flu immunizations, dental hygiene, safety, physical activity and nutrition.

September – Family Health Information – Sept

October – Family Health Information – Oct

November – Family Health Information – Nov

December – Family Health Information – Dec

January – Family Health Information – Jan

February –

March –

April –

May –

June –

School & Home Health Information

Allergy Aware School and Childcare Settings

Control of Communicable Diseases 05-15

Help Control Head Lice 2017-04-03

Needle Safety June 2015

Protect Your Child with Free Immunization-Urban (July 1-Sept 30 2017) 05-17

Protect Your Child with Free Immunization-Rural 09-13

School Health Sheet 08-15

Tree Nut and Peanut Food Allergens

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