Nut-Free and Scent-Sensitive Facility

Many of you may be aware that one or more of the children in our school has a serious peanut/nut allergy.

A child with a serious peanut/nut allergy can suffer a severe reaction by ingesting trace amounts or simply touching a peanut/nut containing food. There are no cures for food allergies, so strictly avoiding the allergy-causing food is the safest plan.

The safety of all our children is paramount to all of us at school.

We need your support!

Please help us by voluntarily adhering to the following food allergy safety guidelines:

1. Do not send any food items to be eaten as snacks in our classroom with ingredient labels indicating they contain peanuts, nuts, or peanut butter.

2. Parties are a special time for children, but can be difficult for the food-allergic child. When sending in baked goods, please be careful about the ingredients, as some brands/flavours of (baking chips, raisins, coconut) are processed in factories containing peanuts/nuts, please check every label. Note that bakeries often use the same bowls to prepare items with nuts and those items without nuts.

3. If you are preparing a treat (cupcakes, cookies) for the class please be sure to sanitize all surfaces that the food will be in contact with, to be sure that it will not be contaminated by the peanut butter that might have touched your surfaces

4. If your child ate foods with peanuts or peanut butter for breakfast or lunch, please make sure that his/her hands are washed with both soap and water before leaving for school.

Many of the children have been very thoughtful concerning this serious situation. They remind the staff and students about their peanut/nut allergy and ask if they can eat the snacks we are having. This is a learning process for all of us, and we trust you understand the necessity of these guidelines.

Remember, the safest way to reduce peanut/nut allergy risks in our classroom, is to take the time to read every ingredient label carefully.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Venture Heights Administration