School Supply Lists

School Supply Lists 2023-2024

Kindergarten – Mrs. Pochynuk

Grade 1 – Ms. Saretsky-Perkins or Ms. Steele

2K – Ms. Kudelka

2W – Mr. Williams

3-4B and 3-4V – Mrs. Baraniuk or Mrs. Verreault

3-4BP – Mrs. Boehm / Ms. Pasareno

5H – Mrs. Heroux

5-6J – Mrs. Jullion

6S – Mr. Soparlo

6-7AA – Ms. Anaka

Grade 7 – Mrs. Antoniuk or Mrs. Tremain

Grade 8 – Mrs. Gabrysh or Mrs. Thiessen/Mrs. Heit or Mr. Zintel

Once again, we have teamed up with Mabel’s Labels.  Check it out!


            1. These labels are great and not just for labeling your school supplies either.  You can label many different things.

            2. Go to, enter in our school, and start shopping.

            3. We even encourage both our teachers and parents to use them as well!