Venture Heights is a caring and supportive school.  As a staff, we encourage students to develop skills that will help them to become life-long learners.  We promote positive feelings and respect for oneself and others.  We hope to work in partnership with your family and our community to ensure that this will be a successful year for all.

In effective partnerships, communication is open and on-going.  We trust that parents will work closely with students and teachers to help support learning throughout the school year.

Administration Teachers Educational Assistants (EA)
Ron Biberdorf, Principal Cari Priddle-Macnab, Kindergarten Miss Kim Anderson
Diana Jemieff Hayes, Vice-Principal Mariel Pochynuk, Kindergarten Mrs. Carla Aubichon
Nicole Saretsky-Perkins, Grade 1 Mrs. Jaimie Doell
Debbie Steele, Grade 1 Mrs. Lynda Down
Administrative Assistants Krista Bula, Grade 2 Mrs. Monique Hodge
Janice Germo Chad Williams, Grade 2 Mrs. Charma McIntyre
Charma McIntyre Ashley Boehm, Grade 3 Ms. Lindsay Ziegler
Marcie Pasareno, Grade 3
Shauna Baraniuk, Grade 3/4
Counsellors Jamie Verreault, Grade 4
Adele Laye Shaunna Robinson, Grade 5
Christa Shepherd-Hills Amy-Leigh Thiessen, Grade 5
Lindsey Jullion, Grade 5/6
Special Education Kristin Heroux, Grade 6
Jennifer Harland Garett Soparlo, Grade 6
Tanya Antoniuk, Grade 7 Custodians
Karen Heit, Grade 7 Mrs. Tracy Marshall
Erin Tremain, Grade 7/8 Mrs. Laurie McCarroll
Melanie Gabrysh, Grade 8 Miss Paige Bulgis
Michael Zintel, Grade 8
  Julie Kobussen, Home Ec
Evan Robson, Industrial Arts

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