Parent Volunteer Blog

As we prepare our parent volunteer mission statement, orientation manual, guiding principles, training procedures, motivations and more, we would like to hear your ideas on what you think a parent volunteer can do to support and to build our school community into the best that it can be.  Our current focus is to create an extensive list of opportunities and ideas for parents and community members to share talents, skills, and abilities within and outside our school.  Here are some ideas to start the process:

  • Assemble playground equipment
  • Remove snow from the playground
  • Listen to students read or read to individuals or small groups
  • Assist students in the class with organizational skills
  • Partner with a specific homeroom on a regular basis
  • Play educational games
  • Provide computer support
  • Practice spelling words
  • Support project work
  • Assist in the library
  • Supervise before and after school
  • Help with displays
  • Fundraise – chocolate sale, bbq (Fall Fair), pizza sale (Three-Way Conferences)
  • Events – Spring Festival, Buster Days Parade, Fall Fair
  • Share about your work, travels, hobbies
  • Involvement in clubs and extra-curricular activities – coaching, helping in the pits for track and field, sharpening skates, supervising extra-curricular activities like at a floor hockey tournament or at drama practice

We love to have parents volunteer, if you are interested, please fill out our volunteer agreement and drop it off at the school.  Click here:

Venture Heights requires all volunteers must have their Criminal Records Check and Policy 501 forms on file, prior to volunteering.