School Community Council

VHS School Community Council Mission Statement:

 Together with parents and the community, our goal is to promote positive learning success and well being of all children and youth.

The purpose of the School Community Council is:

  • Support student learning success and well being.

  • Encourage parent and community involvement and engagement in the school.

2020-2021 SCC Members:                                                       Next Meeting:                                     _                                                                            

  • Misty Husnik – Chair
  • Jaimie Doell – Vice-Chair
  • Juanita Braun – Secretary
  • Leona Nosterud – Parent Volunteer Coordinator
  • Amy Kowalchuk
  • Rhea Mathies
  • Angela Reddekopp
  • Tracy Shaw
  • Jason Hodge
  • Randi Strunk
  • Julie Dean
  • Nadine Melling


SCC Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2020 May, 2021

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