Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

The sun is shining and we are happy to see the snow go! (Knock on wood).

The Ks have been busy with:

-Animated Literacy -Reader’s Workshop

-working with and recognizing numbers
-exploring and building basic shapes
-Quick Draw

The 1s are busy with:

-Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop
-We finished off our Oliver Jeffers author study with Mrs. Burgess by taking a rocket ship up to the moon!
-Story writing

-numbers from 0-100
-number sense
-skip counting (patterns in the 100 chart)

-The 4 Seasons

Together we are learning about:

-our families
-being kind

Phys. Ed:
-cooperative games
-tumbling and other gymnastic moves


-It is our in-school field trip on the afternoon of May 4th. Bricks 4 Kids (LEGO) are coming in to run some activities for us.

-Our sharing theme for the next 2 months is ‘Favourite Stuffy’. Each child has a designated day. Please check the April/May calendars that went home with your child before the break.

As always, pop in to see us any time!

The K/1s and Mrs. Martineau

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

We are currently enjoying some warmer weather with lots of snow. Outside time has been very fun!

The Ks have been busy with:

  • ELA
    • Animated Literacy -Reader’s Workshop
  • Math
    • going on shape hunts around the school
    • exploring and building basic shapes
    • Quick Draw (exploring shapes)

The 1s are busy with:

  • ELA
    • Lips
    • Reader’s and Writer’s Work- shop
  • Math
    • numbers from 0-100 -number sense

Together we are learning about:

  • our families
  • street safety (including stranger safety)
  • being kind
  • Phys. Ed:
    • cooperative games
    • rolling, kicking, and throwing balls

Skating was so much fun on the 13th. We’ll try to go again be- fore it gets too warm!
Just a reminder that K-5 Report Cards go home at the beginning of March.
As always, pop in to see us any time!

The K/1s and Mrs. Martineau

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

We are keeping busy in K/1. You should come in and check out our Hot Chocolate Shop. We should warn you in ad- vance that our prices are pretty steep ($6 for a hot chocolate? An extra $7 for whipped cream? Whoa!).

In Reader’s Workshop we continue to practice what it means to be a ‘good reader’. We practice things like: picking a good spot to read, picking books that suit us, being able to retell stories based on the pictures, etc.

In Writer’s Workshop we’re working on: printing, letters and letter sounds, journals (Gr.1), etc.

In Grade 1 Math we are working with numbers from 0-20. In K Math we’re beginning to work on numbers from 0-10.

Phys. Ed. has us busy practicing different movement skills around the gym. We’re still working on not running into others or walls!

As always, feel free to come in and see us any time. We love visitors!

~The K/1s & Mrs. Martineau

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

Hi K/1 Families,

We’re loving this turn to warmer weather and we’ve been enjoying lots of time outside! We have been very busy!

Ks- working on patterns and learning to make our own.
1s- working on writing numbers 1-20 (one-twenty) as numbers and as words.
Ks- Reader’s Workshop and beginning our Hand- writing Without Tears pro- gram
1s- Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop
Phys. Ed:
K/1- Respecting each other’s space/locomotor skills
Ks- Colours
1s: The 5 Senses
K/1: Being a good friend and solving friendship problems
Ks: Fall/Halloween Invitations
1s: Famous Artist’s Study (Currently working on Claude Monet)

As always, feel free to pop in to see us any time!
The K/1s & Mrs. Martineau

Kindergarten News

Spring has sprung!
We cannot believe that there are less than 2 months left of Kindergarten. Where has the time gone? We have been keeping busy in the classroom and have also been going outside as often as we can.
Math – we are learning about shapes. We even went on a shape scavenger hunt around the school. We found lots!
ELA – we have been looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction (or unfiction as some of us say!) books. We are using sticky-notes to mark new learning in our books. We keep working hard in Animated Literacy with Mrs. McGregor.
Phys. Ed.- we have been playing cooperative games and continu-ing to work on our throwing/catching skills.
Science- the plants in our room are growing like crazy. We also have caterpillars (thanks Mrs. Kelbough) that we’re watching transform!

A few important dates:
May 20: Kindergarten Orientation (10-11AM)
May 22: Kindergarten Orientation (1-2PM)
May 26: Kindergarten Orientation (1-2PM)
May 28: Fieldtrip to BPs and Wet Paint Pottery. Bus leaves at 9:30, back by 2:30.
May 30: Trip planned to the local greenhouse
June 5: Elementary Track & Field Play Day at Hanley School
June 23: Kindergarten Learning Celebration 7-8PM
As always, feel free to pop in to see us whenever you get the chance. Our door is always open and we love visitors!
~The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau

Kindergarten News

Happy (almost) Spring to everyone!

It sure is nice to see the snow being replaced by big, tempting puddles! We’ve been busy in K working on Animated Literacy, Readers’ Workshop, numbers in Math, and learning about rainbows!

We tried to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day but only found treats instead. Maybe next year! The Ks were asked what they would do if they caught a leprechaun. Here are their responses:

  • Bridget: “He’s going to watch TV with me and have some food!”
  • Jordyn: “I’m gonna take his gold and buy My Little Ponies and Equestria Girls!”
  • Avery: “I’m gonna play Bub- blegum with him!”
  • Malikhi: “I’ll take him home and put him in a cage!”
  • Leanne: “I’ll take his gold away!”
  • Taylor: “I would keep him and take all his gold!”
  • Memphis: “I would tickle him so he would show me his gold. Then I would hold his hand.”
  • Maddox: “I would hold his hand.”
  • Delaney: “Keep him for a pet. I would feed him Lucky Charms and gold.”
  • Rhett: “Bring him home in the box and show him to mom. She would say: ahhhh!”
  • Constantine: “I’ll put him in a really nice place. Put him un- der my rainbow and take him home!”
  • Charlotte: “I would keep him in there (trap). I would ask him where his gold is.”
  • Emily: “Keep him and feed him cheese.”
  • Madeleine: “Bring him and play with him. Maybe play ball?”
  • Jessica: “I’m going to look in his eyes and get some gold!”
  • Noemi: “Keep him as a pet. I’ll make a home for him!”
  • Ryker: “Eat him up for supper. Mmm!”
  • Casey: “Release him after I look him in the eye!”
  • Zac: “I’m going to juggle him!”
  • Spencer: “I will eat him. I will cook him in the stove!”

Note to leprechaun: Stay away from Ryker and Spencer!

Feel free to pop in and see us any time!

~The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau

Kindergarten News

Despite all of these indoor recesses, we’ve been having a great time in Kindergarten! In Math we continue to work on counting from 0-10 and back from 10-0. We’ve also been practicing writing those numerals. It’s been a bit of a challenge and we would benefit from more practice at home! We love working with Mrs. McGregor on our letters and their sounds in Animated Literacy. Reader’s Workshop has us busy making connections to our reading and learning how to treat our books and our classroom library. Phys. Ed. keeps us motoring around in the gym practicing our passing skills. We like try new ways of passing things to our classmates: rolling, bouncing, throwing, kicking, etc. We loved having so many families come in to visit and share with us. We are currently working on a project where we discuss the cultures and traditions within our classroom and community. We love learning about one another! Our Grade 7 buddies are awesome! We recently made placemats with them for our Valentine’s Day Potluck. We love to do different projects and read with them!

Stop by any time to see how we’re doing–but just a warning: you’re going to want to stay!

Kindergarten News

We have started the new year rolling! We are continuing to have a lot of fun with our Grade 7 buddies. We get to read with them 2 out of 3 of our K days! We’re having a Valentine’s Day Potluck with them on February 14th that we’re really excited about. They’re bringing soup and sandwiches and we’re supplying the chocolate milk and desserts. Mmm!
We’ve really been enjoying the warmer weather (indoor recesses stink!).
We love the big snow hills in our schoolyard and we’ve been having so much fun sledding. One afternoon we made snow volcanoes in the soccer field! It made the snow look like snow cones…but we didn’t eat it!
We have a new “reading tent” on our carpet. It’s been a warm and cozy spot to dive into a book. In Math we’ve been working on numbers from 0-5. We really like to sing about “5 Little Monkeys” and “5 Hot Dogs”. We’ve still been working hard at Animated Literacy with Mrs. McGregor each morning. We’re starting to get the hang of our letter sounds! We just created watercolour masterpieces of “What Winter Looks Like To Me”. You can admire them outside of our classroom.
Enjoy the beautiful weather (while it lasts)!
~The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau

Kindergarten News

We have been having a great time in Kindergarten this month.

Here are a few things that we’re keeping busy with:

  • Math: We had a lot of fun with patterns and now we’re moving into sorting and describing. Ask us about our “Touchy-Feely Boxes”.
  • ELA: We have been busy with our ‘Story Acting’. Not only do we love writing our stories, we especially love to perform them! We have also been reading piles and piles of awesome books. We love to do Reader’s Responses. You can check out some of our work in the hallway outside of the classroom! We’ve also been having a blast with Mrs. McGregor working on ‘Animated Literacy’. We love to learn about letters of the alphabet!
  • Phys. Ed: We’ve been learning how to move our bodies in different ways. We’ve been crawling, sliding, rolling, hopping, etc. all over the place!
  • Social Studies: November was a great time for us to start learning about Remembrance Day, war, and peace! We’ve been learning that peace has many forms and can look different to different people.
  • Creative Play: We just got a PILE of recycled dress-up clothes. Let’s just say that there are about 85 costume changes during the day now! Thank-you to Andrea Townsend and the figure skating club for dropping those off for us.
  • Exciting: We are about to launch our “My Family” project. We want to learn about all of the Kindergarten families. The focus question is: “What’s Important to My Family?” I’d like to invite all families into the classroom during November/December to share with us what’s important to your family! This will look different to all families. It might be Dad coming in to share a family recipe with us, Mom coming in to read the favourite bedtime story in their family, Grandma coming in to tell a story about traditions in the family, or anything else that you’d like to do with your child(ren) to share with us about your family! Please remember that this is an invitation, not something that is mandatory! I am very aware that you are all very busy people! Email me if you’d like to book a time!

Important Dates:

  • November Kindergarten: 5, 7, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 27, and 29th
  • December Kindergarten: 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 17, and 20th
  • Christmas Concert: Tuesday, December 17th (more info to come soon)
  • K-12 Christmas Banquet: Friday, December 20th


Kindergarten News

Fall Greetings from the Kindergarten Room!

We hope that this newsletter finds everyone well and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

We have been very busy in our first full month of Kindergarten. In Math we’ve been practicing with patterns–building them, extending them, changing them. Phys. Ed is keeping our bodies moving. We especially like the “Here, There, Where?” game, Freeze Dance, and Bubblegum. ELA has kept us busy with library time, Rebus chants, and story-acting. Story-Acting is a really cool time! Each morning I private conference with at least 2 students separately. They each come up with a story and I write it down (in their words).

They then cast their story characters with their classmates (they ask permission, of course). After they’ve cast their story, and drawn a picture to go along with it, they perform it for the class. It has been a lot of fun!

A Few Important Dates:

  • October 22 – Meet the Teacher Night/Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences (5:00-7:30PM)
  • October 23 – Parent-StudentTeacher Conferences continued (5:00-7:35PM)
  • October 31 – Kindergarten Halloween Party in the PM. Schoolwide costume parade starts at 1PM {parents/families are invited to watch the parade}
  • November 1 – NO Kindergarten (in lieu of October 31).

If you haven’t already, please call Carey in the office @ 544-2511 to book your conference time on either the 22nd or 23rd. I look forward to seeing you all!

Please feel free to contact me any time

Have a great October!

-The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau