Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is vital to student success in school.  We expect regular and punctual attendance in all classes.  Absenteeism for reasons other than illness, compassionate leave or occasional appointments is not acceptable.  Doctor, dental and social service appointments, etc., should be made for times outside of regular class time whenever possible.  
The attendance policy requires that:
1.  Parents/guardians inform the school secretary by telephone of absence by 9:15 am on the morning of the absence.
2.  The school secretary will contact parents/guardians by telephone on the day
     of the absence if the school was not notified.
3.  If a student must leave during the school day, parents/guardians must
     contact the school secretary or teacher.  The student must report to the office before leaving and complete the sign-out register.  The sign-out register will   
     account for who is in the building in case of an emergency, such as fire. 
4.  The student accepts responsibility for work missed during an absence.