Bus Policy

 Prairie Spirit School Division expects that student conduct on school buses is to be consistent with that expected of the student in the classroom.  Students riding the school bus shall cooperate with the driver in the safe and efficient operation of the bus.  A student who fails to abide by the rules or who misbehaves on the bus may be denied bus transportation.
Bus Rules:
1. Be ready to leave on schedule in the morning and evening.
2. Show respect for driver, equipment, other students and their personal space.
3. Stay in the seat assigned by the bus driver.
4. Remain seated and facing forward on the bus.
5. Quiet conversation with close neighbours is allowed. 
6. Eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted. Water will be allowed.
7. Windows are to be adjusted only with permission of the bus driver. Keep head and arms inside the bus at all times.
8. Student personal items and books must be placed near feet or on lap.
9. The aisle must be kept clear of objects at all times
10. Students must promptly obey instructions of the driver.
11. Dress properly in winter.
12. Proceed directly home when disembarking from the bus.
13. Notify the driver any time they do not plan to ride on the bus or if there will be guests on the bus route.
Remember: students are responsible and accountable to the Principal and Bus Driver for conduct and behaviour on the bus.