Laird School is a K-8 school in Laird, Saskatchewan.  Our school is a part of Prairie Spirit School Division.

Bell Times
8:40 First Bell
8:47 Classes Begin
10:45 Recess (15 minutes)
12:00 Lunch Break (eat inside until 12:15)
12:45 Bell
12:50 Classes Resume
2:00 Recess (15 minutes)
3:22 Dismissal

Severe Weather and Student Transportation:
(PSSD Policy 805)
1. Director of Education- Delegation of authority by the Director of Education or designate to dismiss students, and/or close schools is appropriate and expected. Adverse winter driving conditions may be valid reasons for non-operation of school buses.
2. Severe Weather conditions Environment Canada “Saskatoon” temperatures are to be used as a guide for all schools except Duck Lake and Leask in determining if buses should run.
306-975-4266 or

Buses are not to run if the combined temperature/wind chill factors result in a reading of -40 degrees or below at 7:00am. After a factor of -35 degrees, or in stormy conditions, bus drivers within the same district are to contact one another and compare local conditions. Buses are not to operate if weather conditions such as freezing rain, dense fog, heavy rain or severe dust storms impair visibility or otherwise cause dangerous travel conditions. Buses that do not run at the regular time in the morning due to extreme cold may run in the afternoon if conditions improve enough. Parents will be contacted by bus drivers. As long as a school remains open for students, parents are welcome to transport their children to and from school. School is usually closed to students only for reasons such as health and safety (eg. water main break). Buses for students with special needs are not to operate if the combined factors result in a reading of -35 degrees or below using the Environment Canada “Saskatoon” temperature/wind chill for all schools. The good judgment of bus drivers in their decisions regarding safety is to be supported. Bus drivers are to decide whether or not to run no later than thirty minutes before the first scheduled morning pick up and no later than one hour prior to the scheduled afternoon dismissal. If it is determined that the buses will not run at the regular dismissal time, families will be notified and previously arranged billeting may be used.

Bus Policy

Prairie Spirit School Division expects that student conduct on school buses is to be consistent with that expected of the student in the classroom.  Students riding the school bus shall cooperate with the driver in the safe and efficient operation of the bus.  A student who fails to abide by the rules or who misbehaves on the bus may be denied bus transportation.

Bus Rules:
1. Be ready to leave on schedule in the morning and evening.
2. Show respect for driver, equipment, other students and their personal space.
3. Stay in the seat assigned by the bus driver.
4. Remain seated and facing forward on the bus.
5. Quiet conversation with close neighbours is allowed.
6. Eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted. Water will be allowed.
7. Windows are to be adjusted only with permission of the bus driver. Keep head and arms inside the bus at all times.
8. Student personal items and books must be placed near feet or on lap.
9. The aisle must be kept clear of objects at all times.
10. Students must promptly obey instructions of the driver.
11. Dress properly in winter.
12. Proceed directly home when disembarking from the bus.
13. Notify the driver any time they do not plan to ride on the bus or if there will be guests on the bus route.
Remember: students are responsible and accountable to the Principal and Bus Driver for conduct and behaviour on the bus.

Transportation Policy
To attend special functions and educational trips, transportation is often required.  Students may be transported by school bus or by private vehicle drivers. All private vehicle drivers are required to have filled out the Prairie Spirit Driver Authorization form yearly, which states that the vehicle has $2 million liability insurance and that the driver has no traffic offenses. Volunteer drivers are required to submit the Driver Authorization Form and Criminal Records Check / Vulnerable Sector Search to the school office before transporting students.  The Driver Authorization Form is to be submitted annually, while the Criminal Records Check is kept on file until a change is indicated. Volunteer drivers will be assigned students to transport, and are responsible for the return transport of those students unless otherwise arranged and communicated with teachers and parents. This form can be found on the “Laird School” tab in this website.