Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Computer technology is available to students and staff.  We are very pleased to bring this technology to our students and staff and believe it offers vast, diverse, and unique resources to them.  Our goal is to promote educational excellence in classrooms and administrative productivity in offices.
Students and staff are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of computer and network etiquette.  These include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Use the computer or network for legal activity (e.g., violating copyright or other contracts, gaining illegal access or entry into other computers is not legal).
  • Interference with the proper operation of the school systems and networks, as well as systems and networks accessible through the Internet is not acceptable.
  • Your access to a computer or network must not disrupt the use of the facilities by other users.
  • Network or Internet accounts owned by another individual must not be used.
  • Your network or Internet account must not be shared with another individual.
  • While accessing the Internet you must not reveal your personal address, phone number, name, or the personal address/phone number of a colleague.
  • Vandalism of computer resources is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy hardware, software, or data of another person.
  • Be polite.  Any abusive messages to other, inappropriate language, vulgarities, abusive or any other inappropriate language are not acceptable.
  • Engaging in any other inappropriate computer related activity not defined above is also not acceptable.
Other technological devices may also be used at times in school. 
Cameras, digital music players, video cameras, etc. may be used in
as educational tools.  These devices must, like computers and networks,
be used properly and according to educational goals of the assignment.
Using these devices inappropriately will result in their removal and a
loss of privileges for their use during school time.