All of the Kindergarten to Grade 8 students are required to have and use agendas.  These agendas are used as a daily message book and organizational tool, where assignments and events are recorded.  Parents are asked to read and sign the agendas daily, and help students make sure the agendas are taken back to school each day.  Parents are welcome to write notes about days they know the student will be away for appointments, etc., and to share information with the teacher.
Monthly Newsletters
At the beginning of every month, communication newsletters are emailed or sent to families.  These newsletters tell about events going on at the school and in the community.  Communication with parents and the community is a crucial part of the educational support system for the students at Laird School.  Teachers and staff appreciate the time that parents, guardians and community members take to be aware of what is going on at school, and to support the learning that is taking place. 
Use of Facilities and Equipment
Any group or individual wishing to use school facilities or equipment must make arrangements with the principal and School Community Council.
Students are encouraged to use the resources of our library.  Students are responsible for material borrowed from the library, and are expected to return it on time and in good condition.  Students must have a staff member’s permission if they are working in the library.
Health Nurse
The health nurse from Saskatoon Health Region visits the school as needed for vaccinations and special programs.  Parents wishing to make an appointment for their children should contact Saskatoon Health Region at (306) 655-3300.
Special Education
At Laird School, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our students.  The teachers, resource teacher, EAs and division Learning Support Services staff work together to help all students achieve to their potential.  We follow the Student Success Model to meet the needs of our students.
Child and Youth Counselor
Laird School has a child and youth counselor available to work with students.  Students may have an informal visit once.  After that, they must have a parent permission form signed in order to see the counsellor. 
Following the programs set out by the Speech Language Pathologist, teachers and EAs work with students who need speech and articulation therapy. 
Student Insurance
Students in the Prairie Spirit School Division are covered by an insurance policy.  The policy covers medical and dental claims for students during school hours or on school trips.
Supply Fees
School supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, pens, binders and scissors, are provided by the school for students in Kindergarten to Grade 2.  Families are asked to pay $40.00 per student for Grade 1 and 2 students ($20 for Kindergarten students) to offset the costs of these supplies.  Students are expected to take care of these supplies.  If students are not using these supplies responsibly, they will be asked to bring their own.  Students in Grades 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 are responsible for bringing the supplies on the lists sent home with report cards.  These lists are also posted on the school’s front doors in June, July and August.
Textbooks and Workbooks
Textbooks and workbooks are supplied for student use free of charge to all students.  These textbooks and workbooks remain the property of the school, and must be treated with respect.