Biology 30 2019

Welcome Biology 30!

Course Outline:     Biology 30 Outline 2019

Assessment of the course:  This course will be assessed in grade less  fashion with a focus on mastery learning.  Please refer to the outline for more explanation on the assessment of the course.

Bio 30 Final Mark Rubric           Science High-low

First reading to start the course:  Elephant Change

Unit 1 – Life and Energy

BI30 LI1 Life

Project 1 Timeline:    Timeline

BI30 OL1 Energy Transfer and Transport

Photosynthesis Coloring1           Photosynthesis Coloring 2(Chemiosmosis)        Photosynthesis Simulation Vrtual Lab Mitochondria Coloring        Respiration Review

Cellular Respiration Graphic Organizer

Microscope Introduction – _e_ Lab (intro)

Investigation_ Exploring Cells

Protozoa virtual lab

Unit 2 – Evolution

BI30 LI2 Evolution and Evidence

Homologous Structure Lab with Pictures

Evolution Concept Map

Unit 3 Genetics

BI30 GB1 Patterns of Inheritance

Genetics 1 Penny         Genetics Practice Problems – mono

Genetics Practice Problems (Mono)         Genetics Dihybrid

Genetics Practice – Chicken Combs and Multiple Alleles

Final Review and Prep

Final Exam Prep