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Sports Medicine 20L Curriculum (3)

Sports Medicine Outline

To begin our study, please open up the link below.  The first part of the document is the career study information, followed by our start in learning about the body systems.   Please complete all that is required in each link and then begin the next!

Sports Medicine 20L Course – Open First!

Student Selected Project

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Body Systems

We need to understand our body systems to help us in our future discussions of injuries.

SKELETAL SYSTEM                           Skeleton Labeling

Ch 08 Muscular System                  Muscle Groups

Cardiovascular System                   Finding Blood Pressure Lab

The Respiratory System                THE NERVOUS SYSTEM

Endocrine and Digestive Systems             Endocrine Concept Map

Sport Injuries

We will learn about different body regions and the some of the common injuries suffered in those areas.

1. Lower Leg and Foot

Foot_Ankle_Anatomy1         Foot_ankle_Injuries      Ankle_Evaluation     Foot_review_assessment

2.  Knee

Common_Knee_Injuries          Knee_Rehab

3.  Hip, Pelvis and Upper Leg


4.  Back, Neck and Head

Head, neck and spine

5.  Shoulder, Upper Arm, Elbow

Shoulder                   Upper Arm and Elbow

6.  Wrist and Hand Injuries

Wrist and Hand Injuries

Injury Treatment

15._Modalities (1)

This Powerpoint is from this school website:

Sports Taping

Why do we use braces?   Considering the knee, how many different types of braces are there?  Why are they different?

Sport Psychology




Sports Performance Enhancers