Student Expectations

Education Act – Student Duties

Section 150
In the exercise of his right of access to the schools of the division and to the benefits of the educational services provided by the board of education, every pupil shall cooperate fully with all persons employed by the board and such other persons who have been lawfully assigned responsibilities and functions with respect to the instructional program of the school or such special or ancillary services as may be provided or approved by the board of the department and , without restricting the generality of the foregoing, every pupil shall:
a) attend school regularly and punctually;
b) provide himself with such supplies and materials not furnished by the board of education as may be considered necessary to his courses of study by the principal;
 c) observe standards approved by the board of education with deportment, obedience, courtesy and respect of the rights of other persons;
 d) be diligent in his studies;
e) conform to the rules of the school approved by the board of education and submit to such discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent.


Section 151
Every pupil shall be accountable:
a) to the teacher for his conduct on the school premises during school hours and during such hours as the teacher is in charge of the pupil in class or while engaged in authorized school activities conducted in out-of-school hours.
b) to the principal for his general deportment at any time that he is under the supervision of the school and members of the teaching staff, including the time spend traveling between the school and his place of residence.
c) subject to that stated policies of the board of education, to the driver of a school bus, and to any other person appointed by the board for the purposes of supervision during hours when pupils are in the personal charge of such employees of the board, and those employees shall be responsible to and report to the principal in accordance with the procedures approved by the board.
Section 152
1) Every pupil shall be subject to the general discipline of the school.                                 


 Student Expectations

 1. Elementary students (K-5) are to be outside (back and playground end of school – not front or parking lot side) before school, for recess and lunch break.  Exceptions to this are if weather does not permit or if a student has permission to stay in with a teacher supervisor.  Grades 6-8 students are to be outside before school.  At recess they may go outside, stay in their classroom or use the gym (if it is open).
2. Students are expected to follow safety rules and guidelines on the playground.  Proper use of playground equipment is required.  Any equipment that is taken outside must be brought in.  Students are not allowed to go into the gym to take out equipment.  Food is not allowed on the playground.  Proper footwear must be worn at all times.
3. Grades 7/8 bus students may only leave the school grounds if their parents have signed a note allowing this and staff has been notified.  K-6 bus students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during school hours.  Town students may go home for lunch.  Students are expected to go directly home after school.
4. Students are encouraged to bring an efficient, easy-to-eat, healthy morning snack and lunch.  Students are not to share lunch items with other students.  Uneaten items are to be taken home. 
5. Students are to eat lunch in their desk in their homeroom.  Students are to remain seated while eating, and are expected to use manners and courtesy.  Healthy food choices are encouraged.  Wasting food is discouraged.  If a student is wasting food, all leftovers will be sent home.   Microwaves are provided for student use, but their use may be limited.
6. Appropriate use of the computer equipment and internet is required.  Misuse will result in computer accounts being suspended.
7. Phone calls are to be made by students only with permission from a staff member.  Calls may only be made during recess or lunch break.  Parents wishing to leave messages for students are invited to call the office.  Any social arrangements are to be made at home.
8. Students are expected to respect school property.  Any willful damage will result in costs being passed on to parents.
9.  Students are expected to respect the property of others.  Students will not go into desks or lockers of other students or staff.  Students are expected to keep areas tidy.  
10. Chewing gum is allowed according to the guidelines of each classroom teacher.  No gum, food or drink is allowed in the gym.  Sunflower seeds are not allowed.
11. Students must have indoor shoes with non-marking soles that they change into when they come inside.  Proper footwear must be worn in the school.  Runners are required to be worn in the gym.
12. Students are expected to dress in a school-appropriate manner.  Clothing must not have anything offensive or inappropriate on it.  Under garments must not be visible.
13.  Students may only enter the staff room, supply room and supply cupboards when they are with a staff member and have permission to do so.  
14.  Students are only to be in the gym if a staff member has given permission.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
15.  Students are not to interrupt classes in progress, and students will be quiet in the halls to avoid disturbing others.
16. School doors will open and supervision will begin for Laird School students at 8:30am.  Students are not to arrive at school before that time.  High school students that ride the bus to Waldheim may wait in the front entry of the school beginning at 8:20am. 
17.  Cell phones are not to be used during class times.  If it is necessary to bring them to school at all, they are to be turned off and put away.  If a student uses a cell phone inappropriately, it will be held by the teacher until the end of the day.  If this happens repeatedly, the phone will be held in the office until a parent meeting occurs. 
18. Electronic devices are to be used with permission of the classroom teacher.  Kindergarten to Grade 5 students are discouraged from bringing these to school at all. 
19.  Students are not to bring toys from home to play with during school hours.
20.  Students are expected to dress appropriately for the weather.  K-5 students will be outside for recesses unless the weather does not permit, so proper outdoor clothing is necessary.  Headwear and clothing will not be shared.
21.  Students are expected to show respect to each other and to abide by the “hands off” policy at school.  Kicking, hitting and other inappropriate contact will not be tolerated.  Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

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