• Hello Venture Heights Families,

    Hello Venture Heights Families,

    1. The City of Martensville Bylaw Enforcement Officer was by this morning to check in with us and let us know that they will be much more frequent in their visits to Venture Heights School effective immediately.  They will be targeting vehicles parking in handicap zones, vehicles encroaching crosswalks (where we recently have been placing pylons –and right across the street from the pylons) and vehicles driving in the bus lane –especially those driving by buses with their stop arms out.
    2. On a happier note, all of our classroom teachers have recently given “math screeners” to their students.  These assessments target critical areas of math proficiencies which allows teachers to be informed of how the kids are doing compared to the curriculum and allows teachers to plan accordingly for the next few months.  We will have blank copies of the screeners available for you to look at during our February 8-9 Three-Way Conferences.
    3. HELP WANTED!   As a result of the continuous building and moving of portable classrooms, our “back schoolyard” has gotten pretty beat up and ugly.  We would like to improve that area and are looking for 3 or 4 parents to sit on a Steering Committee with Randy Wilms (School Division Maintenance), Heather Sharp (School Community Council) and me.  If you have some skills/knowledge in landscaping, we would love to have you on board – just email me directly (biberdorf@spiritsd.ca) with any questions or to volunteer to help us with planning.


    Ron Biberdorf, Principal

    Venture Heights School

     Sometimes you are ahead; sometimes you are behind

    The race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself

    Schmich, 1997


    Nicole Lacoursiere, Vice-Principal

    Venture Heights School



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