• Return To School 2020/2021

    Hello Venture Heights parents,

    We hope your kids are getting excited to return to school – we are thrilled to have them!

    Venture Heights staff have been working hard these past few days in completing the safe school plan linked to this email.  It is a “template” from our school division to ensure we are considering all of the necessary components of a safe school plan.

    The operational work; however, is ongoing.  Our staff are continuing to adapt a plan that is ever-changing as new developments come our way. For example, we just learned today that lockers inside rooms are going to be accessible to kids.  This means that our plan to house coats and backpacks in the hallways will change.

    Once we have  our operational work completed (we also want to practice it), we will send it to all families.  It will include more specific information on things like start of day routines, recesses, lunch hour, hand washing/sanitizing, use of masks, etc.  This will come out to you later this week.

    In the meantime:

    1.      Get your kids practicing wearing a mask for longer periods of time and in various environments.

    2.      We are trying to find “non-mask” opportunities.  One significant opportunity is lunch time.  WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE  you to find a lunch plan for your kids where they can leave the building.

    3.      Our school start time will be 9:05am (warning bell at 9:00am).  Kids should not come to the school grounds much earlier than 9:00am.   All students will meet their homeroom teacher at a designated area outside of the building. You will receive communication from your homeroom teacher as to where each location will be.

    4.      In the letter we wrote to you last week (August 20th), we indicated we would provide an opportunity for kids to bring their school supplies to the school/meet their teachers, etc., during the week of August 24-28.  Because of the “soft-start” (which we didn’t know about at the time), we can do that work when kids come to the school during the half-class size days September 8-11.  See link below.




    Ron Biberdorf, Principal

    Venture Heights School

    Martensville, SK

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