Attendance and Lates

Students at Lake Vista are expected to attend regularly and arrive at school on time.  Being punctual is a life-long skill and should be developed early. When students are late, classroom routines for all students are disrupted.  Teachers become concerned for students’ safety when students are not in their classroom when attendance is taken and the teacher doesn’t know where they are. Students who develop a pattern of late arrival to classes or absenteeism will be brought to the attention of the office. Contact with home will take place and an action plan will be developed to support families.  Should the problem continue, school administration is required to seek support from the division attendance officer.

Please use the following procedure when reporting your child’s absence or tardiness:

  1. If you know beforehand that your child is going to be absent or late, please enter it onto Edsby or email the classroom teacher and the office explaining the circumstance before he or she will be absent.
  2. If you do not know beforehand, enter it onto Edsby as soon as you can or call or email the school and let the office know. If we do not receive notice, we will attempt to contact a parent. There is an answering machine on before/after hours so you can leave a message. Please include the child’s first name, last name and classroom teacher in your message.

Please do not email absences directly to a teacher’s email address as substitute teachers do not have access to this account. Students who arrive at school after the bell are expected to report to the office before proceeding to their classroom so their absence status can be changed to a late status.

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